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Insider Tips for Traveling Well

Even if you are a road warrior, there may be information that you don’t know that could make travel more comfortable and/or less expensive. Some frequent travelers leave perks on the table because they aren’t aware of them. Others aren’t maximizing accumulating frequent traveler points or using them wisely.

These recordings give you insider ideas on how to get the most from your travel, whether for business, leisure or charity work. You’ll learn how to get the most out of each trip, how to travel more easily and how to make a difference if you want.

  • “A Travel Journalist’s Best Business Travel Tips: How to Get Higher Status, Free Upgrades, and Little-Known Perks” with Ramsey Qubein, international travel journalist
  • “Maximize the Journey: Save Time, Money, and Aggravation While Traveling” with George Walther, CSP, CPAE
  • “Speak Abroad, Volunteer, and Get Paid (Maybe)” with Jana Stanfield, CSP

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Additionally, you can get our 8 “Best Practice Travel Tips from Road Warriors” series of the best tips culled from 10 years of SNN.

Miscellaneous Tips

Crisis communication articleBeth Terry

I found this good quote from Linda Rutherford, vice president and chief communications officer with Southwest Airlines in this article and a new phrase we can use in our repertoire: “reputational incident.” Says Rutherford, “Every time you go through a reputational incident, it’s an opportunity to learn.”

Two ways to use content marketing to reach customersVickie Sullivan

Brand awareness and content marketing are good things. But what’s the best way to use those things to get qualified leads?

A recent Inc. article offers some practical advice and addresses how to use content marketing to reach customers our market: the business-to-business (B2B) segment. The best two options:

  1. Share the spotlight. Too many people only share the stage with their friends and best clients. Keep doing that, but take it to the next level: Find experts who provide services your buyers need and promote them, too. Result: Prospects learn your network is just as valuable as your solutions.
  2. Expand your sales funnel. Everyone knows education builds awareness and evaluation. What is seldom represented, however, is conversion. Ask yourself: what little nudge do folks need to make the decision? Then talk about that.

While you plan your 2017 content marketing efforts, go out of the box a little. These ideas can springboard you beyond getting attention and help you get more clients. And that’s the point, right?

(Editors’ note: Vickie conducted two information-packed SNN teleseminars: Make More Money: Position Your Expertise for High-Fee Markets and Getting Big-Fee Speaking Engagements from Sponsors. You can order the recordings.)

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Technology Tips

Always bring adaptersTom Terrific

A recent speaker could not get his PowerPoint-embedded video to play on the provided laptop. He was using a recent version of PowerPoint and the laptop had an older version. (Note: video is always tricky and not guaranteed to work on all computers.) He had brought his own laptop, but not the correct adapters.

The moral of the story is to be prepared. Assume that there will be problems with the supplied laptop and not only bring your own, but also bring all adapters you might need to connect to a projector/TV. I also bring extra-long cables, a portable table and remote so that I can move my laptop to where I want it and not necessarily right next to the projector.

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Travel Tips

Combat hotel room forgetfulnessRita Emmett

Have you ever been ready to begin your program and realized you left something important behind in your hotel room? When I enter a hotel room, I designate one area for my speaking stuff. I scoop up all the flyers, brochures, messages on little paper tents, booklets, magazines, and menus that hotels provide for our reading pleasure and tuck them in a drawer, a shelf or under the bed. Then everything that has anything to do with my program goes where they were — including a flash drive, notes, reminders and my purse. Everything. And nothing is ever left behind.

Award ticket tipRebecca Morgan

When looking for award-travel tickets, don’t just go to your primary airline’s site to see partner flights. Once you’ve determined a partner airline flies to your destination, go directly to that airline’s site. You may find there are more flights available and the mileage payment is less. However, if you have accrued your miles only with your primary airline, you may not be able to book those flights, or not at a discount. This is why it’s best to accrue your miles/points with a bank credit card that allows you to transfer miles/points to multiple airlines.

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Pocket WiFi?Rebecca Morgan

I am investigating pocket WiFi for an extended trip abroad. Have you found a solution that works in multiple countries?

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