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Insider Tips for Traveling Well

Even if you are a road warrior, there may be information that you don’t know that could make travel more comfortable and/or less expensive. Some frequent travelers leave perks on the table because they aren’t aware of them. Others aren’t maximizing accumulating frequent traveler points or using them wisely.

These recordings give you insider ideas on how to get the most from your travel, whether for business, leisure or charity work. You’ll learn how to get the most out of each trip, how to travel more easily and how to make a difference if you want.

  • “A Travel Journalist’s Best Business Travel Tips: How to Get Higher Status, Free Upgrades, and Little-Known Perks” with Ramsey Qubein, international travel journalist
  • “Maximize the Journey: Save Time, Money, and Aggravation While Traveling” with George Walther, CSP, CPAE
  • “Speak Abroad, Volunteer, and Get Paid (Maybe)” with Jana Stanfield, CSP

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Additionally, you can get our 8 “Best Practice Travel Tips from Road Warriors” series of the best tips culled from 10 years of SNN.

Miscellaneous Tips

Sell more through KindleRita Emmett

Once your book is on Kindle, write several articles on the same topic for Kindle, or use excerpts from your book as an article. Give the article a great, appealing title and sell it for a low price ($0.99 to $4.99 depending on the length.)

At the end, put in your contact info and add, “If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more, check out...” and list your book. The article promotes your book, and you will receive checks paying you for sales of your articles.

Share the spotlightSteve Miller

We contact trade publications to offer articles, but instead of a typical “5 ways...” or “how to...” article, we’ll suggest I write a story about what one of my clients did (who happens to be in that industry). Yes, it’s a case study, but really I use this as an opportunity to showcase my client and make him/her a rock star. I’m still writing about how I helped, but they get the publicity. A couple of times the pub has even put my client on the cover! My client is thrilled and I get referrals. Everybody’s happy.

(Editors’ note: Steve shared his model for an innovative service in his SNN teleseminar “Establish Client MasterMind Groups for Ongoing, Significant Income and Results.”)

Technology Tips

Website security tipBeth Terry

Firefox is already labeling any of our non-HTTPS websites as insecure. Now Chrome will do the same. This is especially important to your customers and clients who are accessing your sites via mobile devices. Mobile users often need to take extra steps to approve your site working on their phones and may hesitate or not understand what is going on with the new protocols. See this article.

Use PDFs instead of PPTMary Schaefer

I’ve started converting my PowerPoint presentations to PDFs to present at client sites. This avoids the many permutations of hardware or presentation software incompatibilities. I work around or rethink animations so the PDF is all I need. No issues since I’ve started this.

Use your own remoteRon Kaufman

If you have developed your speech to change slides at precise moments, then *use your own clicker* whenever you can. I know exactly when I want the slides to change. I don’t want to press the clicker twice or have the presentation jump by more than one slide at a time.

Recently I was handed a clicker that was the exact model I normally carry and use. I thought “OK, I’ll use theirs.” Big mistake. The tactile feel and internal mechanism were just different enough that I had slides not appearing on time or jumping ahead by more than one at a time. I quickly pulled out my own clicker and made the switch, but not before looking and feeling quite unprofessional at the start of a full-day presentation. Lesson learned: *use your own clicker* whenever you can.

Note: This won’t apply in very large venues when the AV team gives you one of those industrial-strength clickers that work across huge ballrooms. In those cases, use what they give you — and practice with it before you start your presentation.

(Editors’ note: Ron gave an in-depth SNN teleseminar, “Choose a Business Model That Scales: Take Your Work to a Global Audience.”)

Rebecca Morgan Get your “free 15” — that’s 15 minutes to brainstorm with Making Money in Your Jammies expert Rebecca Morgan. Email to set your appointment to discuss how you can turn your intellectual capital into non-airplane income (NAI). Get serious about starting a new income stream. Rebecca@RebeccaMorgan.com

Travel Tips

Travel gadgetsJeffrey Davidson

This article has some interesting gadgets for travelers.

TSA-Pre tip for returning to the USRebecca Morgan

For travelers with TSA-Pre, when returning to the US via a foreign carrier with a connection on a domestic airlines, you most likely won’t have your TSA-Pre credentials printed on your domestic boarding pass. (It depends on if the foreign carrier has an agreement with TSA, which most don’t.) So even with your Global Entry card, you can’t use the TSA-Pre line. So after clearing Customs, before entering the Security line, go to the domestic carrier’s ticket counter and have them print a boarding pass with your TSA-Pre credentials. This may save you lots of time standing in a long TSA line.

Marriott/Starwood announce annual hotel category changesSharon Adcock

Marriott/Starwood announced their annual hotel category changes, which take effect 3/7/17. Some properties will go up in category, while others will go down.

The Marriott list is here. The Starwood list is here.

If you’re thinking of redeeming a hotel award for a stay after March 7 but haven’t booked it yet, check the list to see if the property you’re interested in goes up or down. If it’s going up, book the award before March 7 to lock in the current category. If it’s going down, book the award after March 7 to get the lower category.

If you’re currently holding an award reservation and the category will change (either direction) March 7, contact Marriott or Starwood after that date to have them manually adjust your award reservation so that extra points aren’t required if it went up or they refund some points if it went down. Note that if you make a change to the award reservation (such as dates of stay) after the category change, then the new category/points required would prevail.

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Resource on headshotsAudrey Thomas

I recently got quite an education about headshots when I was assigned to Jerry Hughes, a photographer at one of my events. Before I arrived, he asked me to read his e-book, “Business Headshot Skills... Make a Great First Impression Online.” According to Jerry, “Your clients’ first impression of you is often online and your photograph on your website tells them more about you than anything else. This e-book helps you learn to look your best in a photo.” You can get it for $14.99 by using the coupon code Headshot.

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