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Insider Tips for Traveling Well

Even if you are a road warrior, there may be information that you don’t know that could make travel more comfortable and/or less expensive. Some frequent travelers leave perks on the table because they aren’t aware of them. Others aren’t maximizing accumulating frequent traveler points or using them wisely.

These recordings give you insider ideas on how to get the most from your travel, whether for business, leisure or charity work. You’ll learn how to get the most out of each trip, how to travel more easily and how to make a difference if you want.

  • “A Travel Journalist’s Best Business Travel Tips: How to Get Higher Status, Free Upgrades, and Little-Known Perks” with Ramsey Qubein, international travel journalist
  • “Maximize the Journey: Save Time, Money, and Aggravation While Traveling” with George Walther, CSP, CPAE
  • “Speak Abroad, Volunteer, and Get Paid (Maybe)” with Jana Stanfield, CSP

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Additionally, you can get our 8 “Best Practice Travel Tips from Road Warriors” series of the best tips culled from 10 years of SNN.

Miscellaneous Tips

Book indexer recommendationMarvin Marshall

If you need a book indexer, I highly recommend Hazel Abbuhl. (habbuhl@yahoo.com). She was less expensive than 13 other indexers, and she reduced her charge after she found the number of pages to be indexed fewer than the number I quoted her.

Self-publishing assessmentBrenda Bence

I found this self-publishing assessment interesting. Sponsored by IngramSparks.com, it helps you assess whether your self-publishing knowledge makes you a novice, skilled, or professional self-publisher.

(Editors’ note: Brenda shared lots of useful info in her SNN teleseminar, “Apply Lessons Learned from Running Billion-Dollar Businesses to Grow Your Speaking Enterprise”)

Two ways to add value to speaking opportunitiesVickie Sullivan

Given that many high-fee thought leaders get hefty speaking fees from sponsors, it behooves us to stay on top of how events partner with prominent vendors. This Meetings and Conventions article has a cool list of ideas I haven’t thought of before. My favorites for thought leaders who speak at events:

  • Free hands-on attention. Can thought leaders set up an Apple-like "genius bar" to provide help and advice on what they just talked about? Sure you can. Just let the sponsor know you’re available and brainstorm formats.
  • Insider access. Every event has a free night. Instead of the normal hospitality suite, how about you and the sponsor hitting the road for a field trip? Get out of the hotel and do something that relates back to your message. Be the tour guide, so attendees get a deeper dive.

Note the underlying theme on all of the recommendations: access and interaction. The more attention attendees get, the better the experience. And you just showed your sponsor you’re willing to partner with them so they get full value.

(Editors’ note: Vickie conducted two information-packed SNN teleseminars: Make More Money: Position Your Expertise for High-Fee Markets and Getting Big-Fee Speaking Engagements from Sponsors. You can order the recordings.)

Technology Tips

Responses to my request for international pocket WiFiRebecca Morgan

I had requested recommendations for pocket WiFi options that worked in multiple countries. I wanted something I could throw in my purse and have instant access without having to buy a SIM card in every country. When investigating the options, including extending my US cell carrier’s plan to cover international calls and data, I was shocked at what the charges would be for an 8-week trip to 5-6 countries. So when you check out your options, look at the cost per day. Some want $95/month, others $8-10/day. I went with Gregg’s solution which will cost $1/day.

Gregg Marshal

  • Google’s Project Fi is a phone service with data that includes roaming in 130 countries ($20/month + $10 per GB). Speeds vary depending on country but mostly I get fast 3G (HSDPA) or LTE speeds. And they have no problem with “tethering” your phone via WiFi. It does require a special phone (Google Nexus or Pixel) since in the US they use BOTH Sprint and T-Mobile, which obviously have different standards.

Ruby Newell-Legner

  • SkyRoam has worked great in multiple countries. While in Dubai, I only got it to connect briefly one time so not sure if that was because it was Dubai or just bad signal where I was. I am pleased with it and will continue to use it. $99 (incl. 3-day passes); day passes are $8–$10/day.

Alex Neuman van der Hans

  • TP-Link N150 travel router — $27. Although most hotels now will allow as many devices as you want to connect to their WiFi, it helps a lot when you are stuck at a hotel that charges per device, as one router can share a single IP address for all your connected devices. Since it also creates its own internal network, you are effectively firewalled from any other hotel guests who might try to scan your devices for vulnerabilities.
  • Nano Travel Router — $28, is an even more convenient model which can be powered from any USB charger, including portable power banks. If you need to set up a local WiFi network so your presentation laptop and other WiFi-enabled devices can talk to each other during the presentation, or if you want to use it as a wireless repeater/extender for the venue’s existing WiFi, it works like a charm, whether it’s connected to AC power or a USB powerbank, off of which it could run for hours.
  • Use cellular data using a 3G/4G modem through TP-Link’s N150 3G/4G portable router — $33.50, which can provide WiFi for up to 5 devices for even more versatility.
  • If you want a versatile, LTE-capable device that works worldwide, just swap the SIM card with your local prepaid data. I recommend — and use frequently when traveling — the Huawei E5377 — $105. It can provide you with a stable LTE connection in most countries (even in some parts of the US in my experience), and it falls back to a 3G/4G connection if no LTE is available. Its battery lasts for hours on a single charge and it can also work as a WiFi extender/repeater.

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Travel Tips

Check your hotel reservation cancellation policySharon Adcock

In the past, hotel cancellation policies were “cancel by 4pm local time day of arrival without paying a penalty” (usually the first-night hotel rate). Then hotel chains implemented a day-before cancel policy. A number of hotel chains have now (quietly with no announcement) started implementing 2- to 3-day cancellation policies in some major cities. What makes it worse is some properties/cities have 24-hour cancellation cutoffs, while others are 2–3 days. You can’t assume; you need to abide by the policy to avoid being charged. This new 2- to 3-day cancellation policy is different from resort or special event (think New Years Eve) policies, which often are longer/more restrictive.

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Have you had to turn over your phone at the border?Bob Wendover

You may have seen this article in the NY Times. Has this has happened to you, and if so, how did you respond?

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