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Tuesday, May 16
Escape the Price Race to the Bottom
with Sarah Petty

Sarah PettyYou walk into a store to buy a sweater. On one rack you see a sweater you like, and the price tag says $175. On another rack is a similar sweater; its price is $850. And on a rack labeled “Clearance” is a third attractive sweater, marked down to $45. You’re no sweater expert, and at first glance all three look comparable. Which do you buy?

This is the situation many speaker find themselves in. They have a fee they would like to make, but they know that other speakers are competing for the same jobs at a lower — and sometimes no — fee. The temptation, to get the work, is to lower your fee.

How do you project to the meeting planner or buyer that you bring exceptional value that justifies your fee? That is the topic of our next program. If you’ve ever felt pressure to give a discount when you didn’t want to, don’t miss this session.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then pre-order the MP3. Note: there will not be a live session available for this program. Please order the recording.

Maximize Your Revenue with Each Client by Adding Services

It’s been said that the easiest person to sell to is one who’s already bought from you. Do you have a menu of options to suggest after the client makes their first purchase with you? If so, it’s easier to suggest additional services once they’ve said "yes" to you initially, or immediately after you’ve delivered your first service to them.

There are many ways to increase your offerings. Some are easy, some take extensive training, and some take a unique skill or perspective. These three recordings feature colleagues’ add-on expertise that you may be able to adapt — or at least expand your thinking.

  • “Expand Your Client Base and Maximize Your Revenue by Adding Executive Coaching Services” with Paul N. Larsen, CPPC
  • “Add Another Revenue Stream by Offering Client Service Audits” with Laurie Guest, CSP
  • “Add to Your Speaking Revenue As a Professional Emcee” with Mark Standriff

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Engaging whiteboard animationsWendy Hanson

I needed a way to send clients or potential clients some messages about best practices for managers. Peggy Hrastar has now created 10 of them for me. Contact her if you want to explore what she could do for you. Here’s an example.

Book testimonial tipRon Kaufman

When asking authors and leaders to write testimonials for your book, provide them with some draft copy or bullets with key points and themes you want them to address, which they will then craft to match their own voice, style, and language. You want each author to praise your book and expertise from a slightly different angle, ideally relevant to their own expertise.

But these authors and leaders don’t know what each other is going to write about, or even who else you are asking. When you take the time to send a “draft” of what you want each person to say, you make it easier for them to agree and more powerful for you to publish as a set of testimonials that will persuade your readers. Win for you. Win for your testimonial writers. Win for your readers.

Great article on a way to build solid customer relationshipsDianna Booher

Here’s a great article on the value of customer surveys to build even stronger customer relationships. The article covers best practices on constructing customer surveys as well as how to use the survey results.

(Editors’ note: Dianna shared lots of ideas in her SNN teleseminar on “How Strategically Published Books Can Promote a More Profitable Career or Business.”)

Distill your book’s best sound-bites into a pithy one-pager?Sam Horn

When people ask, “What’s your book about?” what do you say? If you’re speaking on your book, do you have a one-pager of highlighted tips and take-aways that is *so* compelling and useful, people will actually post it on their refrigerator or above their desk? Have you distilled your best practices, most profound insights or crafted “phrase that pays” into a condensed post that can take your work viral on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Look at what Pultizer-Prize winning reporter Charles Duhigg created for his book The Power of Habit. This eye-catching piece is one of *the* most important tools in your marketing kit because it can be multi-purposed into everything from a business card to a refrigerator magnet to a freebie referenced during media interviews.

(Editors’ note: Sam has conducted many excellent SNN teleseminars, including the recent “What Is Your Next? How to Evolve Your Career and Life to Create More Meaningful Success.”)

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Travel Tips

Increase airline seat roomAdena DiTonno

Most of us are aware that the armrests raise up between the seats, which is great as long as everyone feels comfortable with that arrangement. But I never knew you could also raise the armrest on the aisle seat. Apparently there’s a little button all the way at the back of the armrest, near the hinge, which if pressed will allow the arm to raise. It would free up some space if you don’t need the armrest for support. Disclosure: I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but certainly will. More info

Are all frequent-flier programs the same?David Zach

This detailed article explains how to evaluate Frequent Flier programs.

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SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, May 16
Escape the Price Race to the Bottom
with Sarah Petty

Sarah PettyFor many speakers and consultants, it can seem that the business has become commodified. There are plenty of people who will speak for free or for a small fee. Potential clients know this and seem to feel it is a badge of honor to get your services at the lowest price. When your calendar is light, you are tempted to fall for these negotiation tactics and end up feeling you’ve done way too much work for way too little money.

You want clients who see the high value you bring and pay accordingly. You want clients who gush about you to others so you have a steady stream of work at the pay you want. Sarah shares ideas on how to be gush-worthy and have others do your marketing for you.

Sarah comes from the business of professional photography where she was competing with free since everyone has a camera. She figured out how to communicate her unique value and price herself on the high end of the market. She now uses those same concepts as a professional speaker. She teaches others to get their price even if in businesses where there is a lot of competition and mounting pressure to discount or work for free.

You will learn how to:

  • create value so you don’t have to compete on price
  • ensure you have a steady steam of clients willing to pay your fee
  • respond when they ask for a discount
  • maximize your biggest asset

Note: there will not be a live session available for this program. Please order the recording.

Order the MP3 recording.

Date: Tuesday, May 16
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $15

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more ideas on how to get the fee you want, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “A Travel Journalist’s Best Business Travel Tips: How to Get Higher Status, Free Upgrades, and Little-Known Perks” with Ramsey Qubein, international travel journalist
  • “Maximizing the Journey: Save Time, Money, and Aggravation while Turning Dreaded Trips into Adventures” with George Walther, CSP, CPAE

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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