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Magically Make Money with Mastermind Groups and Mentoring

To dramatically multiply your revenue, you have to leverage your time. How can you make more per hour without pricing yourself out of the market? By charging less to more people for the same time. Plus, if done well, a group offers more value to its members than a one-on-one session. This is the beauty of group coaching, mentoring and mastermind groups.

However, they are not easy to set up, run, and have a high percentage of renewals. There are plenty of ways to spend a lot of time without many registrants. And there are some tips that will help you have more success sooner. These three teleseminar experts will share with you need to do for success and what to avoid.

  • “Make Money Leading Masterminds” with Sheryl Bindelglass
  • “Use Your Expertise to Create High-Fee Group Mentoring Programs” with David Newman
  • “Establish Client MasterMind Groups for Ongoing, Significant Income and Results” with Steve Miller

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From the Editors

Going to “Influence”?

If you’ll be at the NSA convention “Influence,” then

(1) We need you!

If you hear a great idea — a “keeper” — send it to us to share with your fellow SNN readers. Be sure to credit the person whose wisdom you’re sharing.

(2) Introduce yourself

Please introduce yourself to Rebecca (Ken’s unable to make it). Please forgive her if she doesn’t recognize your face from last time — meeting folks once a year doesn’t mean she can conjure up the last encounter.

(3) You’re invited to join these meetings Rebecca is moderating:

Bloggers meeting

Alan Berg, CSP will share a brief presentation on “8 Tips for Better Digital Conversations and Conversion.” He’ll be presenting via his iPhone (no laptop!) and will explain how he does it.

Anyone is welcome, whether you have a blog or want to start one.

Sunday, July 9
12:30-1:15 (bring your lunch)
Southern Hemisphere II

Together We Can Change the World introduction meeting

We will again have a special session to introduce National Speakers Association members to TWCCTW. If you’ve been on one of our trips, please come to share about your experience. If you haven’t been, please come to hear more details on what we do and our 2018 trips.

Monday, July 10
12:30-1:15 (bring your lunch)
Europe 3 Room

(4) And another session that might interest you:

MacSpeakers meeting, Monday, July 10, Asia 3. Bring your lunch.

It’s our yearly each-one-teach-one where we share any insights, ideas, discoveries about all things Mac. We’ll have someone give us an update on carrying laptops on flights and work-arounds if this becomes a larger issue.

Miscellaneous Tips

Graphic artist recommendationRebecca Morgan

Since 2006, I’ve worked with Kimb Williams for logos, book covers, business cards and much more. Kimb has worked on the marketing materials of over 200 professional speakers worldwide. She understands the business and what meeting planners are looking for. Over 60% of her client list has returned to her for book covers, logos, web graphics and much more.

Her work is guaranteed to be original art for each client giving them a visual brand that speaks volumes. From Golden Gavel winners to independent speakers, Kimb gives everyone the same top-notch service. Working with Kimb is beyond working with a designer, but more so a friend. She designed the current SNN logo. Reach out to her if you need an excellent designer who’s great to work with.

Speaker appsJeff Davidson

A Fast Company article highlights eight smartphone apps for emerging speakers:

“Filler Word” Killers

  • LikeSo: Your Personal Speech Coach (iOS).
  • Ummo (iOS and Android)
  • Um Counter (Android)

Combating Nervousness

  • Confident Public Speaking (iOS and Android)
  • Prompster Pro (iOS and Android)

Better Timing

  • SpeakerClock (iOS)
  • Presentation Timer Pro (Android)

If you will have hearing-impaired people in your audienceBeth Terry

if you anticipate hearing-impaired people in your audience make time to meet with the sign language interpreters. I arrange to have them give me a signal if I start talking too fast or if one of their clients needs clarification.

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Travel Tips

Pre-arrange rides with your favorite Uber driverRebecca Morgan

You had a great Uber driver on your last local airport run. You didn’t get his contact info, and now have an early flight and are concerned there may not be many drivers at that hour. You’d like to see if he’d take you on this next trip. Go to the Uber app (or website) and find the previous trip with him. Click “Lost something” for that trip and the driver will receive a message to call you. When he does, see if he’ll come at the appointed time/day. Then, once he arrives at your house, activate the app and it will send the nearest driver — him!

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Requests for Info / Advice

Bridge line recommendations?Ken Braly

The bridge line supplier we have happily used for years for SNN teleseminars is going out of business. Do you have a bridge/conference line supplier you are happy with? Providing quality recordings of the calls is a must; a nice web interface during the call and other features are a bonus.

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