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Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, August 7
FANtastic SEO Marketing:
Drive More Traffic, Leads & Bookings
to Your Business
with Meredith Oliver, MIRM, CSP

Meredith OliverThe old saying goes, “If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.”

Nonsense. You may have the best mousetrap, or the best seminar, or the best speech on your topic, but no one will be knocking at your door unless they know you exist.

And today, getting the word out means effective online marketing. When people are searching online for your topic, you want your name and services to be at the top of the list. Our next program will help you to do that.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register or pre-order the MP3. Note: Everyone who registers for the webinar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free, as well as a link to the recorded video.

Mark your calendar:

Intensive — Giving Audiences the Engagement They Are Demanding

Audiences have changed. Attention spans are shorter. Groups are demanding more involvement, participation, and interactivity, even in keynotes.

How can you integrate activities that leverage the latest brain research to enhance your presentation? How can you add more Hollywood techniques that will engage, without being cheesy? What are some simple ways to add interaction without taking too much time, or disrupting your keynote’s flow?

These programs will answer these questions and more.

  • “Create Brain-Friendly, Participant-Centered Presentations for More Engagement and More Business” with Sarah Michel, CSP
  • “Integrate Powerful Hollywood Movie Trailer Techniques to Emotionally Engage Your Audience” with Nabil Doss (WEBINAR)
  • “Create Interactive Keynotes that Elicit Repeat Business” with Christie Ward, CSP

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

List of free and paid stock photo sitesMeredith Oliver

Here is a list of no-cost and paid stock photo sites I use.

(Editors’ note: Join us for Meredith’s SNN webinar on Tues., Aug. 7: “FANtastic SEO Marketing: Drive More Traffic, Leads & Bookings to Your Business.”)

Finding commercially usable photos of famous peopleRebecca Morgan

It’s somewhat easy to find stock photos for generic images, but what if you want to use a photo of a person in your presentations, blog, or materials? You know you can’t just grab one from Google images (you do know that, right?). So where do you find ones you can use?

Wikimedia Commons has images photographers have uploaded through Creative Commons for freely usable media files. Read the requirements for the one(s) you want to use — some only require attribution, others don’t even want that. This article explains the various Creative Commons licenses that allow us to use a work commercially. Make sure the photos or videos you use adhere to the license type set by the creator.

Literary agent’s view about not writing a bookDavid Zach

This thoughtful article by a literary agent may get some to rethink their book writing ambitions. I know I did..../p>

Webinar resourceMarv Marshall

For those interested in conducting webinars, WebinarJam is worth checking out.

Make puzzles from your contentSusan Friedmann

The Puzzle Maker website helps you create your own puzzles — that’s a fun way to help workshop participants remember key points.

(Editors’ note: Susan provided an information-packed teleseminar for us on “How to Profit from Exhibiting, Whether You’re Speaking at the Event or Not.”

Travel Tips

Marriott changesLori Silverman

On August 18, Marriott is making significant changes to its rewards program. See here for more info. If you already hold a hotel reward after this date (as I do!) and the required points value decreases, Marriott told me YOU must call to get the new point redemption level; their rewards system will not automatically make the change. The website will be down at 6:00am EDT on August 18, so you must call to obtain the new redemption level.

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Send your brief, pithy responses to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Julie Holmes

From Rory Vaden session: Let it go! Give away ALL your knowledge and expertise, one bite at a time.

SNN Offer
SNN’s “Book Marketing Report—What Really Works” features success tactics of those who’ve recently published a book, covering which marketing techniques work in today’s market and which don’t. This brief e-report shares proven tools for increasing books sales in our profession and in today’s challenging market.

SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, August 7
FANtastic SEO Marketing:
Drive More Traffic, Leads & Bookings
to Your Business
with Meredith Oliver, MIRM, CSP

Meredith OliverWould you like to grow your business and market share?

Do you want to increase leads, traffic, and sales from your digital marketing?

When you Google your speaking topic, industry niche or area of expertise (not your business name), does your company appear on page one of the Google search results?

If you are not getting the results you’d like from your website, blog, or online store, you’re not alone. Meredith will help you by deconstructing the do’s and don’ts of effective search engine optimization. Known for her no-geek-speak presentation style, she will explain in easy-to-understand terms how to make your website a lead-generating machine utilizing organic search traffic.

You will learn how to:

  • identify the right keywords for your business
  • understand the basics of proper on-page optimization
  • discover the technology tools you need to optimize your site

You’ll want to attend as well as have your webmaster register so you can then discuss how to implement Meredith’s ideas on your site(s).

Register or order the MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the webinar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free. Everyone who registers for the webinar session or orders the recording will get a link to the recorded video of the online webinar.

Date: Tuesday, August 7
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $49 (WEBINAR)

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more tips on digital marketing, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Marketing Espionage for Speakers: How to Leverage Competitive Intelligence to Dominate Online” with Heather Lutze, CSP
  • “How to Be the Easiest Speaker to Find on Google” with Heather Lutze

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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