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Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, April 16
Convert Your In-Presentation Lead Magnets
into Massive Sales

with Juliet Clark

Juliet ClarkYou’re in front of the room, and your presentation is going well. You want to give the audience members additional content that you don’t have time to cover, so you give them a text number, or a web URL, where they can get a special report or other expanded information. You watch as they write down this lead.

Later, you notice that only a few people follow through and get the report, and only rarely does this lead to more business. How can you make this a more effective tool for connecting with your potential clients?

In our next program, Juliet Clark will show you the system she has developed to get to know more about these leads, and how she converts them into paying clients.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register or pre-order the MP3. Note: Everyone who registers for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

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  • “How Non-Celebrity Speakers Can Build a Lucrative Career” with Warren Greshes, CPAE
  • “The World Tour of You: How to Become a Global Speaker” with Fredrik Härén, CSP, CSPGlobal
  • “Are You Thinking Big Enough? How to Have Your Own TV Show, Write Bestselling Books, and Sell Truckloads of Products” with Chris Widener

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

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Miscellaneous Tips

Writing/speaking tipRay Mulvihill

Avoid beginning a sentence with the word “what.” Go straight to the point.

Example: What he does is sell widgets.
Compared to: He sells widgets.

Example: What it is is a difficult situation to deal with.
Compared to: It is a difficult situation to deal with.

Video editing resourceSam Silverstein

I’ve been using Shawn Miner (806/681-7565, shawn.miner@gmail.com) to edit my videos for several years now. I just put my videos in a shared Dropbox, he edits them and puts them back in the Dropbox or uploads them to YouTube. He does a great job and is VERY reasonable. He has some availability to take new clients at this time.

(Editors’ note: Sam shared lots of ways to use your technology to create e-Products in his SNN teleseminar “Strategically Blending E-Commerce into Your Practice.”)

Capitalizing tipsBarbara McNichol

How should books and headings be capitalized? General rules:

  • Capitalize the first and last words of any title or heading.
  • Capitalize all the nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • Don’t capitalize “a,” “an,” or “the” unless it is the first or last word of the title.
  • Don’t capitalize the conjunctions “and,” “or,” “nor,” “for,” “yet,” “so,” “but.”
  • Don’t capitalize prepositions unless they are longer than four letters; then you decide.

My guideline for capitalizing words within a sentence is if they’re proper nouns (e.g., Scotch tape, country of Canada, Dee Smith, Kleenex box, etc.) or if they are titles (e.g., Vice-President Gerald Ford) but not if the title follows the name (e.g., Gerald Ford, vice president of the United States). Rarely are capitals used for emphasis in conventional business writing.

Good resource: Chicago Manual of Style for manuscripts and business writing.

(Editors’ note: Barbara shared lots of great tips in her SNN teleseminar, “Put Persuasive Power in Your Promo Prose: Fix Writing Mistakes That Are Costing You.”)

Audience photo/video tipSteve Markman

If at all possible, avoid using a photo or video where empty seats are showing during your presentation. If you have an option, use other ones rather than one that screams, “I guess no one wanted to hear what the speaker had to say.”

(Editors’ note: Steve shared lots of great info in his SNN teleseminar, “Secrets of Landing Many More Speaking Engagements.”)

Technology Tips

Site to show you how your website looks on mobileSusan Friedmann

This site (responsinator.com) will help you see how your website looks on small and medium devices.

(Editors’ note: Susan provided an information-packed teleseminar for us on “How to Profit from Exhibiting, Whether You’re Speaking at the Event or Not.”

Travel Tips

Interesting WSJ article on travel insuranceRebecca Morgan

Do I Need Travel Insurance?” shared information on how many policies don’t cover what we think they do, and insurance comparison sites like InsureMyTrip, Squaremouth or TravelInsurance.com. (Note: you will need to sign in to WSJ to access this article.)

(Editors’ note: Rebecca provided a detail-filled teleseminar on how to earn the most valuable miles/points for your travel goals in her session, “Crafting Your Reward Miles/Points Strategy and Getting the Highest Value from Travel Rewards.”

Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: Who are your favorite Fiverr resources? Share their name, Fiverr handle, and what they did for you that you recommend.

Send your brief, pithy responses to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Wendy Kalman

I used mariadesigns for something not work related — using photos of my brother and his then fiance, I had avatar/cartoon/illustrations made up of them, which I then went to canvas.com and made them a wedding present. Speakers could use the file and the likeness for branding purposes, though.

Linda Spangle

  • Bojan with Pixelstudio. from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Has done amazing work on three book covers, including the full cover and spine. I paid $50 total compared to $800 for a previous book.
  • Luposto, from Macedonia. Put Word doc for a book into InDesign and did a beautiful job. He was very responsive to requests for fixing a few places. The book printed perfectly on Amazon. Total spent was $65.

Karen Snyder

I’ve been using the seller “transexpert” for transcription.

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SpeakerNet News Teleseminar Info

Tuesday, April 16
Convert Your In-Presentation Lead Magnets
into Massive Sales

with Juliet Clark

Juliet ClarkYou speak to serve your tribe. You offer lead magnets (texts to get special reports, ebooks, etc.) from stage. How are these paying off for you? Not so much? If you’re not having many conversations, Juliet has a brilliant system that has increased speakers’ conversation rate substantially.

The most effective way to serve your followers is to know who they are, what they want and need, then to adjust your language to create more connection and relationships that lead to sales. Most freebies do not give you any information about your consumers, or lead potential clients into relationships that result in high-ticket sales. It is important to understand who you are speaking to, and create one-on-one personal connections to establish trust.

In this program, you will learn:

  • 6 reasons people purchase and where your tribe fits this model
  • why digital marketing alone doesn’t work, and what combination of methods works best
  • why Assessment Marketing establishes you as an expert who is here to serve, not sell
  • how self-reflective processes build trust and sales without feeling sales-y
  • why an assessment as a lead magnet creates knowledge for you to build sustainable offers
Register or order the MP3 recording.
Note: people who register for the teleseminar will get the MP3 recording of the session for free.

Date: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $25

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more ways to connect with audiences for more business, we’re suggesting the MP3 recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Techniques to Include in Your Presentation That Increase Repeat Bookings” with Mike Domitrz, CSP
  • “Growing Your Business in the Digital World” with Randy Gage

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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