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Miscellaneous Tips

WeWork new AMEX platinum benefitLori Silverman

AMEX platinum offers a new benefit of WeWork access (worth $350/month) with access to over 300 workspaces around the world. See if your AMEX qualifies for this benefit.

Graphic artist recommendationRebecca Morgan

Since 2006, I’ve worked with Kimb Williams for logos, book covers, business cards and much more. Kimb has worked on the marketing materials of over 200 professional speakers worldwide. She understands the business and what meeting planners are looking for. Over 60% of her client list has returned to her for book covers, logos, web graphics and much more. Her work is guaranteed to be original art for each client, giving them a visual brand that speaks volumes.

From Golden Gavel winners to independent speakers, Kimb gives everyone the same top-notch service. Working with Kimb is beyond working with a designer, but more so a friend. She designed the current SNN logo. Reach out to her if you need an excellent designer who’s great to work with. Mention SNN to receive your one-sheet at a special rate of $300 USD.

Blur your writing as you goSusan Friedmann

This site blurs out what you write to take away the temptation to edit as you go, without killing your creativity.

“Revive Your Speaking Business FAST” — Watch our FREE on-demand masterclass here. Marketing, sales, and business growth advice for emerging, mid-career, and elite speakers.

Technology Tips

Device-proof your tech help numbersWendy Kalman

I have a small Post-It Note taped to the outside of my laptop with essential info should I need support but can’t get into the computer. This includes the IP address, the computer’s name, and because I work for a large company, the phone number for the IT service desk and for the local IT support guy in our office. The tape completely covers the writing, so the information can’t fade or get rubbed out.

(Rebecca’s note: I have my important info on a Note which is backed up to iCloud so I can access it from any device anywhere.)

Travel Tips

Travel clothingBeth Terry

  • An efficient way to stay safe and be more hands-free when traveling is to use vests and other clothing with extra interior or locking pockets. Scottevest (Scottevest.com) was one of the first to come out with that and I’ve been a huge fan for years.
  • TravelSmith also has a line called PacSafe® with vests, carryons, wallet organizers, and a safe for your valuables. The vest at TravelSmith also folds into its own pocket to make a travel pillow.
  • If you plan to pack extra valuables in your clothing, buy a larger size than you would normally. Darker clothing is more useful than light. It won’t show unusual bumps in your clothes as easily as lighter clothing, and doesn’t show dirt. A vest or jacket is more useful than some of the other options. You can slip them off at TSA and put them on the belt.

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Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: If you attended NSA’s Influence convention, what are your best takeaways? Please attribute who you learned it from.

Rebecca Morgan

Eric Chester shared a clever way to let the IMAG techs know when to switch from showing your slides on screen to showing you. He puts a black slide with a small image (a green or red dot) in the corner and tells the tech that’s the signal. He also gives them a printout of the slide deck so they can follow along.

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