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Teleseminar/Webcast Info

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  • “Prospering with Your Facebook Tribe” with Pegine Echevarria
  • Dr. John Molidar on using brain science to increase the effectiveness of your virtual and in-person presentations.

Feedback on SNN webcasts and teleseminars:

  • “The value from SNN sessions is priceless.” —Susan Friedmann
  • “Jill Konrath’s SNN webcast, ‘Make a Mint By Giving Away Your Expertise’ was a game changer for my business! I work in the nonprofit sector and when there is a downturn in the economy or an international pandemic, nonprofit organizations don’t tend to hire consultants and speakers. Jill’s idea helped me find a new sector of clients who need my services and have the money to pay for it. Thank you SNN for providing these programs to help us all!” —Robin Thompson

Intensive — Magically Make Money
with Mastermind Groups and Mentoring

To dramatically multiply your revenue, you have to leverage your time. How can you make more per hour without pricing yourself out of the market? By charging less to more people for the same time. Plus, if done well, a group offers more value to its members than a one-on-one session. This is the beauty of group coaching, mentoring and mastermind groups.

However, they are not easy to set up, run and have a high percentage of renewals. There are plenty of ways to spend a lot of time without many registrants. And there are some tips that will help you have more success sooner. These three teleseminar experts will share with you what you need to do for success, and what to avoid.

  • “Make Money Leading Masterminds” with Sheryl Bindelglass
  • “Use Your Expertise to Create High-Fee Group Mentoring Programs” with David Newman, CSP
  • “Establish Client MasterMind Groups for Ongoing, Significant Income and Results” with Steve Miller

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Build your own peer support communityHalelly Azulay

If you don’t already have one, build your own peer support community. Once the pandemic hit, my colleague Elaine Biech and I created weekly, free conversations to support colleagues like us. Many of us experienced the stress of cancelled in-person work, uncertainty, and isolation; and we craved camaraderie and the exchange of ideas and strategies in a safe and discreet environment. Some weeks we feature short 5- to 7- minute presentations from community members sharing ideas about marketing, pivoting, client relationships, etc., followed by a rich Q&A discussion.

Have a colleague check your virtual presentation setupRebecca Morgan

Experienced presenters are making rookie mistakes online. There is much value in having a colleague do a practice virtual session with you, not for your content, but to check your lighting, sound, camera placement, and eye contact. It seems lots of people don’t know to look at their camera rather than the image on screen. They have distracting backgrounds, poor lighting, and bad sound, and look down at their camera.

Also, ensure you have a second device signed in as a participant so you can see what your viewers see. I was recently on a session where the presenter didn’t realize her slides weren’t showing until it was pointed out.

A group of colleagues and I have periodic practice sessions so we can try new tools and techniques and see what our attendees experience, like what happens when someone joins a breakout with a phone and tablet.

Don’t let invisible logistics derail the opportunityVickie Sullivan

Picture this: You’re having a great sales conversation. The prospect loves you. They say outright that they need you. But first ... something else has to happen. And that thing is usually logistical, involves other people, and is out of everybody’s control. This right here is how sales get stalled.

This obstacle sounds very logical, so many of us will say, “I understand; let’s touch base when we find out XXX.” Unfortunately, that time rarely comes. After a few attempts to keep in touch, the opportunity dies a slow death. This is what I call the “logistics trap.” And it happens all the time. Here’s why:

  • The real buyer is invisible. Logistics are usually a sign that you’re talking to an influencer. If you hear, “Well, now I need to talk to XXX...,” you know you’re talking with someone who can say no but not yes. Your next step: Get introduced to the decision maker or participate in a three-way call with the person.
  • You’re dealing with competing agendas. If you hear, “Well, now I have to go to the committee/staff/whomever,” that is a sign that the buyer wants support before they make a decision. (You’d be surprised to hear how many CEOs have told me “no, thanks” due to staff threatening mutiny.) Your next step: Focus on getting approval and how to move forward without it.

The real issue: We assume logistics are solid, and they are not. Processes change all the time, especially when the real buyer wants something bad enough. So, don’t let structure become the biggest obstacle. Listen for what the prospect is really saying, and respond accordingly.

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Technology Tips

Warning about “vishing”Beth Terry

The recent Twitter hack that overtook many famous people’s accounts could happen to us, too. These “vishing” or “voice phishing” campaigns are accomplished by cybercriminals’ calling corporate employees to get them to hand over login credentials. In some cases, the hackers pose as members of the victim company’s IT help desk — for us it could be someone posing as our web host or social media help desk.

The successful vishing attack yielded employee credentials, giving access to Twitter’s internal network and internal support tools. They knew enough to provide information that made them sound credible.

Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, or email messages, especially from unknown individuals claiming to be from a legitimate organization. Be on your toes, and inform those who work with you, too. Don’t fall for these new phone scams.

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Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM comes from Rochelle Kopp: If you have experience with platforms such as Linkedin Learning, Udemy, SkillShare, Coursera, Udacity, etc., have you found it worthwhile? Why or why not? Are you concerned that having your content on these platforms cannibalizes your live speaking/training business, or does it bring you more business?

Send your brief, pithy responses *that are different from those previously mentioned* to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Chuck Reaves

I’m using Thinkific for free and paid training. Having materials there with a price attached allows some people to simply purchase the training. However, when marketing, I can give a coupon for free access to a specific lesson or course; the coupon has an expiration date and only works for a single course. When readers of my newsletters and other targets go to the site to use the coupon, they see the other courses that are available and the price point of the course they are getting for free. Some of the lessons build on each other. When that occurs, reference in made to the other course(s) if the student decides they want more info (cross-selling).

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