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From the Editors

George Morrisey’s passingWendy Warman

With sadness I share that the passing of our dear George Morrisey, CSP, CPAE, Cavett Award Winner and mentor to so many speakers. He was one of the great legends in the speaking, training, and consulting business. He’ll be greatly missed by so many of us that had the privilege to call George our dear friend.

(Rebecca’s note: George was a special man and wise colleague. I always looked forward his Christmas newsletter sharing his personal side with great humor.)

(Ken’s note: I share Wendy’s and Rebecca’s admiration and affection for George.)

Teleseminar/Webcast Info

Wednesday, November 11
What Clients Are Buying
During the Pandemic and Beyond

with Deborah Gardner, CMP

Deborah GardnerIf you were applying for a job, wouldn’t you like to hear from an expert who knows what the company you’re applying to is looking for?

For this program, you will hear from a Certified Meeting Professional who has her finger on the pulse of the meetings industry during this challenging time. She knows how the industry is changing and how you can position yourself to take advantage.

Although they don’t look like they did a year ago, meetings are still happening, and speakers are still being hired. Come find out how to be one of them.

Read more about this session at the bottom of this newsletter, then register for the live program or pre-order the recording.
Note: Everyone who registers for the live teleseminar session will get the audio MP3 recording of the session.

Details coming soon:

Intensive — Creating Membership Products
for Recurring Revenue

It would be a dream to have guaranteed income each month while providing great value to your clients. You’ve got enough content — or could partner with colleagues to provide it. But you have questions on how to start, what it takes to keep a member site running smoothly, how to attract members and how to keep everyone happy.

These three recordings will answer many of these questions and more. You’ll hear three colleagues’ experience and prospective and what they have learned in the process. The information they share will give you a jump start to beginning and growing your membership program.

  • “Add a Recurring Stream to Your Revenue Mix” with Jeanette Cates, PhD
  • “Subscription Products: Getting Customers to Pay You Again and Again (and Again)” with Ron Rosenberg
  • “Create a Paid Mentorship Program to Capitalize on Your Expertise” with Marcia Yudkin

More details

All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Make your website compellingMitch Alverson

Your website needs to outline an easy, step-by-step plan to move forward for your prospects, or they won’t. Customers want us to cast a vision of what their lives can look like if they use our products or services. As well, if there are no consequences for not doing business with you, then why do business with you at all?

(Editors’ note: Mitch provided an information-packed webcast, “Your Website Is Costing You Money. Here’s What You Can Do about It.”)

Don’t over-promote until folks can order — Randy Gage

Got a new book, training course or other resource coming out soon? Don’t use too much sales copy promoting it to your tribe until you have a link to order it. Otherwise you’re building herd immunity against your launch. It’s a good idea to do gentle teases to prepare your people for a new product. But don’t use all your bullets when there is no way to buy. Save them for when people can actually put down their credit card.

Links on InstagramSusan Friedmann

If you’re frustrated with only being able to have one contact link in your Instagram bio, ContactInBio allows you more options.

Lead with remote speaking infoRita Risser Chai

While attending a virtual conference on virtual conferences, I heard event organizers complaining about speakers who are fearful of giving remote presentations. As a conference organizer, I receive emails from speakers who want to speak, and their emails and videos promote them as platform speakers, not remote. Lesson learned: for those of us who do remote speaking, we should lead with that information in our marketing emails and show our remote presentations on video. Having a digital presenter badge is nice but if you don’t grab me in the first paragraph, I’m not likely to make it to your sig line.

(Since I’m a conference organizer for a non-profit with a small budget, I’m looking for your recommendations for a virtual keynoter to speak on diversity in the context of the unique workforce in Hawaii. Not a self-nomination.)

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Technology Tips

MacSpeakers groupBeth Terry

For speakers who are Mac users, we have transitioned to Slack for our communication with each other to post and respond to Apple-specific questions. Please join us by clicking here. Once there, download the app to make it easier to follow the conversation.

Here’s an intro to Slack.

Look better on your webcamTom Terrific

One of the ways I have found to make my face look good on a webcam is to use OBS. It allows you to do all sorts of adjustments to your picture, including cropping out extraneous backgrounds and then save that as a virtual camera. Zoom will then allow you to choose the virtual camera and you will end up with a great picture of yourself.

Use your phone as your webcamSam Silverstein

Elgato, a leader in products for streams, has an app for your phone and a driver for your computer that let you use your cell phone as a great webcam. You can connect with a cable or use WiFi.

Mac tip on converting filesDale Collie

An easy way to convert HEIC and PDF files from Finder without opening and exporting. Use your Automator (Spotlight it on your Mac) to set up Quick Actions. You can then Control-Click on a Finder file and tell it to convert as you want. Full directions are here.

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SpeakerNet News Teleseminar/Webcast Info

Wednesday, November 11
What Clients Are Buying
During the Pandemic and Beyond

with Deborah Gardner, CMP

Deborah GardnerThis difficult time has directly impacted everyone’s personal and professional lives — especially your speaking business. That said, there is no time to wait for the meetings and events industry to return to the pre-COVID state.

But what are they looking for in presenters — or do they even know? If they don’t, how can you help them mold their event so you can contribute to its success? How do you approach those who aren’t sure what they will be doing? What are the trends and inside information so you can plan your best approach?

If you’re serious about speaking, coaching or training, hear the truth straight from someone who lives in the hospitality world and directly understands the relationship between you and the decision maker.

Appreciate why knowing more about the meetings and events industry is important to your career and learn how to get involved in the process. Discover how to modernize your new business strategies from Deborah’s on-going extensive interview process and insightful perspective from those who hire you. Get ready to MOVE FORWARD ... NOW OR NEVER! Up for the challenge?

You will learn:

  • up-to-the-minute meeting industry studies, data and developments that will impact how you do business
  • what your clients are doing now that will greatly enhance your relationships
  • internal and external factors that are impacting today’s economic environment, new meeting design, and content delivery needs
  • who is hiring speakers now (hint: they are NOT meeting planners)
  • tips to achieve your business goals once and for all!
Register for the live program or order the recording.
Note: Everyone who registers for the live teleseminar session will get the audio MP3 recording of the session.

Date: Wednesday, November 11
Time: 7:00 pm Eastern, 6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific
 (Enter your location here to get your local time)
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $25

Special Limited-Time Offer:

If you would like more ideas on how to appeal to those who can hire you, we’re suggesting the recordings of several earlier programs to complement this program:

  • “Think Like a CEO: Get More Business by Getting into Their Heads” with Robert Bradford
  • “Frankly Speaking: Insider Advice (Most) Meeting Planners Won’t Share with Speakers” with Maralynn Adams, CMP & Bonni Scepkowski, SFP

With your order of this live or recorded session, at checkout you will be offered these recordings.

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