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  • Thurs, Aug. 4 — Ed Robinson, CSP, (“The Rainmaker”) on how to make more money.
  • Cara Silletto, CSP, on how to build a training team to grow your business.
  • Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE, on ways to become the go-to resource in an industry.
  • Kevin O’Conner, CSP, on how to create a six-figure income.

Intensive — Enlist Others to Market Your Products/Services

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cadre of colleagues to market your services? How would you even begin to ask people to do that? What would they expect in return? Do you swap referrals? Pay a percentage? How do you pay them and how often? What if they refer a lot more people to you than you do to them, or vice versa?

These three recordings walk you thought how to enlist others to market your products and services. You’ll learn the pros and cons of joint ventures, the difference between JVs, affiliates, and referrals. You’ll hear how to approach others with this idea and what to offer for new business they bring you.

  • “Use Joint Ventures to 10x Your Speaking Business” with Brady Patterson
  • “Explode Your Product Sales with Zero Marketing Costs: The Art and Mastery of Joint Ventures” with Charles Byrd
  • “Boost Your Business By Collecting Referrals and Testimonials” with Caelan Huntress

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All SNN single-focused intensive packages are detailed here.

Miscellaneous Tips

Webmaster recommendationRebecca Morgan

Would you like a reliable, responsive webmaster? I’ve used Timothy Ajide for my digital marketing, web design, and e-commerce for over a year. Set up a free consultation to see if he can help you. timothyajide.com

Is it Daylight or Standard Time?Rita Makana Risser Chai

I’ve received two invitations in the last two days for virtual speaking in September, both listing the time as “EST” or Eastern Standard Time. It’s still Daylight Time in September. But if the meeting planner is using the Standard Time calculator to figure the time I need to show up, I will be off, since Hawaii, like Arizona, does not change times. When you’re planning a meeting, double check that your time is right.

Are you demonstrating you are staying current?Mary Schaefer

On one of my web pages about a service offering, I refer to the number of accounts on LinkedIn. I set up an automatic reminder to research and update this number every few months to demonstrate to my audience I’m staying up to date with my subject matter.

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Requests for Info / Advice

Teleprompter recommendations soughtMilo Shapiro

I’ve tried a few free Windows-based teleprompters and have the same issue with all of them: they have all their operating buttons and functions at the very top with the scrolling below that, making my eye gaze at the words about a full inch lower than if it scrolled to the very top. My webcam is already about two inches above the top of my screen so another inch is noticeable.

Any recommendations where scrolling right to the top? Others might appreciate Mac recommendations, too. I’ll compile my findings for SNN.

Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: If your business slows down in the summer, what projects are you taking on to accelerate your business? (Maybe your projects will inspire others to similar projects for themselves.)?

Send your brief, pithy responses *that are different from those previously mentioned* to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Jay Arthur

Since YouTube is the #2 search engine, I’m exploring ways to create videos with great SEO titles and content that will attract my kind of audience. I add my own marketing endcap to the video showing my website address.

Once I edit the subtitles (using Word) and have YouTube place them on the video (for SEO), I’ve got an educational, content-marketing video working for me.

Not sure I’ve got it all figured out, but people are finding the videos. With Google Analytics 4, I can start to figure out how many viewers are coming to my website from YouTube.

Once I reach YouTube “Partner” status (with enough minutes of views/month) I can put a direct link to my website into my videos.

Note: I abandoned YouTube for Vimeo over a decade ago because companies were blocking YouTube, but when Google bought YouTube, it became a marketing channel that I’ve ignored for too long.

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