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  • Mon., Oct. 10 — Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE, on ways to create a speaking empire.

Intensive — Enlist Others to Market Your Products/Services

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cadre of colleagues to market your services? How would you even begin to ask people to do that? What would they expect in return? Do you swap referrals? Pay a percentage? How do you pay them and how often? What if they refer a lot more people to you than you do to them, or vice versa?

These three recordings walk you thought how to enlist others to market your products and services. You’ll learn the pros and cons of joint ventures, the difference between JVs, affiliates, and referrals. You’ll hear how to approach others with this idea and what to offer for new business they bring you.

  • “Use Joint Ventures to 10x Your Speaking Business” with Brady Patterson
  • “Explode Your Product Sales with Zero Marketing Costs: The Art and Mastery of Joint Ventures” with Charles Byrd
  • “Boost Your Business By Collecting Referrals and Testimonials” with Caelan Huntress

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Miscellaneous Tips

More on phone prefixesAlex Neuman

It’s best to add phone prefixes to all the contacts you add on your phone, as it makes it easier to dial their numbers when traveling abroad (roaming). Also, your phone number can be “linked” to a URL such as tel://+15555555555 so that it works as a "click to dial" button. You can also use t.me/+15555555555 or wa.me/+15555555555 as Telegram or WhatsApp links on your signature. It’s always good to make it easy for potential clients to reach us in as many ways as possible.

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Technology Tips

Create a stunning intro for your presentationsSusan Friedmann

Showmaster is a no-cost PPT plug-in that allows you to add animations, music, and even a countdown timer to your slides.

Useful dictation featureMilo Shapiro

After upgrading to Office 365 last year, I JUST discovered that both MSWord (on the “Home” ribbon tab) and Outlook (on the “Message” ribbon tab of a note) offer dictation now. Wow! Not quite perfect, but certainly faster to edit than just typing.

The other day, a coaching client wanted to read me something he wrote by hand, but I wanted a typed copy of it. I asked if I could turn on dictation in Word and it picked up his voice through my speakers. When he was done talking, we had it all in Word, ready to analyze together with Zoom’s share screen.

So many uses for this, and effortlessly easy to toggle on and off.

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Travel Tips

Consider Apple Airtags for your luggageRebecca Morgan

A friend recently shared that she’d never travel again without Apple Airtags. At the airport before a cruise, she said her bag did not arrive at the carousel. The agent said they couldn’t find it in their system, so the friend showed her the phone with the location of the bag 150 feet away. The agent called the baggage handlers and within minutes the bag appeared. It would have been a major pain if she’d left the airport without the bag, as she was starting three days at sea. The airline would have had to fly it to the small first port, and my friend would have been without a change of clothes for three days.

With the recent spate of lost luggage, I have bought Airtags for every bag.

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Topic of the Month (TOTM) — Your Input Wanted

Our TOTM is: If your business slows down in the summer, what projects are you taking on to accelerate your business? (Maybe your projects will inspire others to similar projects for themselves.)?

Send your brief, pithy responses *that are different from those previously mentioned* to editor@SpeakerNetNews.com. Please put “Topic of the Month” or “TOTM” in the subject line.

Michael Soon Lee

Whether it’s summer or any time of the year when work slows down, I get back in touch with some of my best clients to see if they are encountering any new issues of which I should become aware. Right now with inflation, a slowing real estate market, and a looming recession, many organizations are going to be facing challenges they’ve never seen before. This is an opportunity for subject matter experts to be extremely helpful ... and busy.

David Goldman

I noticed about 20 years ago that “it” doesn’t slow down in the summer — I do. Of course, the summer may bring fewer engagements. However, I realized that I slowed down in the summer. So, just practice planting three seeds every day and things will be just fine.

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