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4-Color Business Card Printers

James Farnham

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Below are the responses I received to my question about finding a 4-color business card printer via the Internet.

-- Robert Graham

I've gotten cards from www.4by6.com. They do a great job. They put a covering over the cards that makes them feel bulletproof and always gets a good reaction from people.

-- Mitch Krayton

I use Corey Robin at ElectraColor. He courteous, affordable and reliable. He also will handle any printing or specialty marketing item. That is why the movie studios use him, too.


-- Cher Holton

I was extremely pleased with Great FX Printing. We had fold-over cards done, with printing on both sides, on a gloss card stock. Very professional and powerful looking -- at a very reasonable cost.

-- Lena West


-- Terri Langhans

www.americasprinter.com does 4-color cards for $50 per 1000! In 5 days.

-- Rebecca Morgan

Daicolo is now www.beyondee.com. Scott bought them out when they closed their doors.

-- Larry Weaver

I absolutely LOVE printingforless.com. They're cheaper and easier to work with than local printers. And they're not some faceless company, either. You're assigned your own project manager who you can call or email anytime. Use this promotional code to get $25 off your first order: RP15QYD5T

Using that code will get you 500 full-color cards for just $33!

-- Nick Irons

The best printer I have found for 4-color work is 4over4.com. They are fast, cheap, do a great job, and you can basically send them a design on a napkin and they will make it work for you. The best.

-- Carol Briney

Dean Hastings of Business Cards Etc. is an absolutely wonderful resource for business cards. 412/875-9004, dean@buscardsetc.com

-- Michelle Nichols

Check out Silk cards www.silkcards.com. They are the smoothest biz cards ever -- both sides. Besides being 4-color, they are inexpensive and a real conversation starter. You can write on both sides with any type of pen. Maybe they'll send you a sample. I had a friend give me one and I ordered them the next week for myself.

I give them out and tell folks to rub them on their cheek. Soon, a group of people are standing around, rubbing my cards on their cheek. They laugh and others are drawn to see what's going on. I've never had a card be an experience!

-- Lawrence Kutner

Try Copycraft (www.copycraft.com). Not the cheapest, but excellent quality and service.

-- Merge Gupta-Sunderji

I strongly recommend www.coloritprinting.com. I used them first 2-1/2 years ago for my top-quality business cards (they get commented on all the time by prospects) and since then re-ordering has been a breeze! I just pull up the old file, make and changes, ship it off and usually receive my cards within days. Cheapest I've been able to find.

-- BJ Hickman

HLN Publishing -- Dick Lutsk follows through and follows up and the prices are lower than I have seen. They do lots of full-color printing for the real estate industry. Toll-free number is 800/535-2022. Based in Hudson, MA. I have known Dick for many years.

-- Janet Anderton

I highly recommend Marianne Bailey of Bailey's Business Solutions in Florida. The quality of her work is exceptional and she really goes above and beyond in the customer service arena.

Marianne Bailey
Bailey's Business Solutions
Toll free 866-327-9394

-- Elaine Dumler

I used Simply Brochures, also known as Simply Postcards and Separacolor International, Inc. to print two runs of 4-color two-sided bookmarks and they did am amazing and the price was fantastic. I had bid them out to 3 places and this place came in so much lower that I figured that maybe their quality was bad...quite the contrary...all 15,000 bookmarks were high quality, the salesman was great to work with and everything was done on time. They do business cards too so I would imagine that everything would be done the same. Here's the information:

Dave Field

-- Natalie Brecher

I highly recommend www.postcardpress.com. I've had two postcard jobs and one business card job printed by the firm with excellent results. Before using them, I priced the printing at more than 12 places and Postcard Press was the best. The only way to get cheaper prices was to get a greatly inferior product.

Sample Prices:

1,000 4/1 business cards $72 / 4/4 cards $90
1,000 4/1 postcards $145 / 4/4 195.75

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