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Effective Book Marketing Strategy

Jill Konrath

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I'm looking for the most effective (not the most creative) book marketing strategy other writers have implemented.

-- Sheronde Glover

When I first wrote my book I started hosting business forums, initially for PR. It turned out to be a wonderful promotional and sales strategy, as 4 out of 5 attendees would purchase the book. It also was a great way to build my database.

-- Joanne Victoria

I write articles and submit online. That attracts attention to my site or Amazon for my books. I also have a newsletter and design offers to my subscribers to sell the book; also give free gifts for purchase. I also sell books thru my teleclasses. Sometimes they are part of the purchase of the teleclass. I am starting to place my articles on blogs and I also send out press releases monthly to have people go to my site and purchase.

Not particularly glamourous, but simple and inexpensive ... and the most effective (so far).

-- Kelley Robertson

I recommend reading John Kremer's book 1001 Ways to Market Your Books and Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerilla Marketing for Writers. Both books offer a tremendous number of usable marketing techniques and strategies.

-- Dottie Burman

Since you're an NSA member, are you in the Writer's PEG? It's fabulous. There are free monthly teleclasses and a high-level ezine. Also, I get Dan Poynter's ezine. It has lots of good info too.

-- Greg Godek

Simple question -- but no simple answer. Regardless of the ideas you collect, it's hard to determine what will work best for YOU and YOUR book at THIS particular time.

Best suggestions:

  1. Read the NSA Writers PEG ezine
  2. Read John Kremer's book

Your book is coming out in DECEMBER? I hope you've been pursuing publicity for several months already!

Possible best advice: Approach it as a CAMPAIGN, not a PROJECT.

-- Elayne Savage, Ph.D.

I make sure I become very visible as an expert in my field. I target the media. Although my publisher does a lot for me, it's never enough. For many years I've used tools available with the Yearbook of Experts. These days journalists pass my name around as a "good interview."

I do know that Yearbook has lots of tools: the as-often-as-you-like press releases, the daybook which notifies the press of any talks you give, etc. It has certainly worked for me. The first time I listed with Yearbook, the Maury Povich producer called me a few days later to be on the show. Here are some of the interviews I've done in the last few years. (Long list posted) I can't say they all come from Yearbook listings these days, because I'm on file with so many magazines, newspapers and stations, but Yearbook sure got me to where I am now. Of course my expertise is much more "general public" oriented, so I'm not sure how helpful Yearbook would be for a business audience.

-- Jim Donovan

My best strategy was hiring a coach to help me focus on my target market, once I realized not everyone was going to buy my book :-)

FYI- I have a complimentary e-book "Successful Self-publishing" that has a lot of ideas and tips for book selling as well as a multi-CD program "How to Write, Publish & Sell Your Book." Both are at www.WritePublishSellYourBook.com

-- Larry James

Radio talk shows are the best for me! Some articles from my Web site:

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