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Cheap Marketing Ideas

Tom Letourneau

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Here is a compilation of the ideas I received from my request for cheap marketing ideas.

-- Dana May Casperson

Constant, relentless networking with class and style.

-- Rita Risser

Free speeches to target audiences.

Teaching adult classes through University Extension.

-- Elaine Dumler

Free talks with an evaluation form designed to ask for referrals.

-- Philippa Gamse

Develop a database and do e-mail marketing. Create your database by having drawings at your programs. Ask for business cards and give away free subscriptions.

-- Bonnie Jo Davis

Write articles and place them in article archives and newsletters around the net.

-- Nancy Miller

I wrote an article for the Greater Los Angeles Chapter about marketing to libraries. You can get a copy here.

-- Michael Lee (seminars@netvista.net)

Write articles for magazines and plug one of your books or tapes in the article.

Send your book or tapes to the decision-maker. It gets through better than any media kit.

-- Dave Crowley

I print my handout and an evaluation/referral form on the same sheet. Participants rip off the evaluation/referral (about 1/3 of the page) before they turn it in.

I also publish an electronic newsletter.

-- Joel Blackwell

I use a 1/3 page evaluation form with space for the participants name and contact information.

Send copies of your book. They are as cheap as a good brochure if bought in quantity.

-- Alan Allard

Use e-mail to send valued information to others and daily send out one thank-you note or note of encouragement to someone.

-- Brad Montgomery

Buy a color laser printer and your color copies will be only 20 cents each. Do professionally printed stuff only when you know when you're going to need it.

-- George Torok

  • Create and grant an annual award
  • Build relationships with the media before you need them.
  • Recruit your suppliers as marketing agents. They work for free.
  • Write "tip sheets" for your clients.
  • Do something crazy and newsworthy once a year.

-- Valerie Hardin

  • Help others promote themselves by interviewing them.
  • Make you web page a source of free items like screen savers and e-zines.
  • Send out your products for review.
  • Set up hot-links with other speakers.

-- Bill Henthorn

Create a one-page web resources sheet listing the best 10 web sites. Include a two or three line synopsis of why you think they're good. Of course, include your site in the list.

-- Rebecca Morgan


  • 4-color business cards: www.diacolor.com
  • 4-color postcards: Mitchell Graphics, Modern Postcard (800) 959-8365 and Mr. Postcard (925) 820-5379.
  • 4-color flyers, Tu-Vets (800) 894-8977.
  • 4-color flyers, 4-color labels, memo pads: Color For Real Estate

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