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Cost-Effective Color Printing for Workbooks

Richard Hadden

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I asked about finding good/cost-effective color printing for workbooks.

-- Rebecca Morgan

I'd get a quote from http://www.deharts.com, and TU-Vets, 800/894-8977, http://www.TU-VETS.com, as well as Peczuh Printing, http://www.peczuhprinting.com.

-- Ian Percy, CSP

Just put in a printing order then discovered Peczuh Printing in Utah. Got a quote -- just for fun. It was way lower. Suspicious, I got samples. They are gorgeous! And they do everything. I've got a new printer. Call Suzette at 800-368-6433 or email suzette@peczuhprinting.com.

-- Eileen Brownell

I have worked very successfully with Karen Leland at Copeland printing in Sacramento, CA. She is a printing broker and goes for the best price. One time, she turned around 100 books for me in less then 48 hours. She is currently working on several projects with a group of speakers that I am in.

Give her a call at 916-395-2100 or 916-442-5339. Please tell her I sent you.

-- Mike Spremulli

We are taking advantage of the Xerox/Tektronix free color printer offer. It's a 14-page-per-minute printer that prints in full color! The best part is the Xerox GIVES you the printer as long as you commit to a minimum monthly usage and agree to purchase ink and maintenance kits directly from Xerox.

If you want more details, email me your telephone number.

-- Sheri L. Warren

I recommend you check out a printing process available in the Chicago area that may save you tons of money versus doing color copies. I am a printing broker (and former Acct. Exec. from a speakers bureau) in the Chicago area and if you would like to have your workbooks quoted, I would be glad to do so. I would need either a sample workbook, or the exact specifications of the book, paper stock, quantity and colors involved. Digital printing will probably save you a good deal of money. Would be glad to help out! 847/855-1841, SLW417@aol.com

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