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Copyright-Free Images

Robert Alan Black

What sources of photographic images and graphics do you use? Are there any copyright-free image sources you use?

See also a later compilation on this subject.

— Meggin McIntosh

I use Liquid Library. I’ve been a subscriber for years and their graphics and photographs are high-end, and I can use them in publications, in TV ads, or wherever I need to.

Clipart.com is another great resource and is less expensive, easy to search, and extensive.

— Dave Crisp

I picked up a tip to use ClipArt.com and have ever since. It has lots of photos (and you can search for just photos) as well as other media. The subscription price is the most inexpensive. They keep adding material, and as I understand it you can continue to use the material on your site or materials once you have it without further costs.

— Mitchell Goozé

I use clipart.com and animationfactory.com.

— Pat Tith

I haven't used newsletter@istockphoto.com myself but I know people who have and I get their newsletter.

— Linda Keith

I use IStockPhoto. Lots and lots to choose from. Very professional. Can save photos I come across but do not have use for yet in one of their “lightboxes” for later use. I have about ten of those going under different topics.

Be cautious about whether you need an extended license or a regular license. Has to do with how you are going to use the photos.

— Bruce Hale

I get my graphics from iStockPhoto.com. They have an excellent selection of photos — very broad — and I can almost always find what I’m after. You purchase credits, then each time you download a photo, credits are deducted.

— Barbara Morris

I use IStockphoto.com.

— Rachel Colic

I use www.istockphoto.com for my royalty-free images. They have a fantastic selection of images and their prices are very reasonable.

— Linda Gabriel

For lots of great photos, illustrations and now video clips, I use istockphoto.com. Not free, but very reasonable. A Web-ready photo can be purchased for as little as $2.

— Ed Petrish

I use istockphoto.com. You buy credits and each photo, depending on the size, costs a certain amount of credits. They have thousands of photos in different categories and the quality is excellent.

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