What to Say at the End of an Interview

Dale Collie

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At the end of every radio, podcast, or TV interview, the host says to the guest, “Thank you for being on the program” (or something close to that). Then the guest responds, “Thanks for having me.” It’s like the un-romantic “me too” after someone says, “I love you.” What is your creative response when you’re thanked for being on a program?

— Alex Neuman

I usually follow with something like “Glad to be of help. I look forward to coming back soon to talk about more tips your audience will love.” Make sure the interviewer — and the audience — knows you’re thankful for the chance to reach more people, and that you’re interested in coming back soon. If time was short, you can also remind the audience about your Twitter or your email address for follow up. Always make sure the audience knows you’re there to help.

— James Sutton

I’d probably close with something like, “Dale, I very much appreciated the opportunity to share a few thoughts that could be helpful to your listeners.”

When I’m hosting the interview I ask the guest to prepare a short closing as the final sign-off of the program as the music is coming up in the background. It’s really a 30–40 second sound bite, but it works well. At the end I say something like, “Dale, thank you so much for being on the show today. I’d like for you to close us with whatever is on your heart and mind and, once again, thank you, so much.” And then I shut up! This works well, so long as the guest knows it’s coming. (The closing can even be a poem, short reading, quote, or whatever.)

— Lori Allen

As a talk show host, the worst response when I would say, “Thanks for being with us,” is the guests saying nothing. Great responses were when the guests would say something like, “It’s been a lot of fun!” or “I can’t wait to talk with you again.” Complimenting the interviewer never hurts!

— Mitch Krayton

"I am honored to be asked!"

— Howard Wigg

I say, “I had a wonderful time, and we just scratched the surface. If you need to fill a vacant spot, even at the last minute, give me a call and I’ll be there. I know my topic, and can prepare quickly and easily.”

— Billy Arcement

I like to sign off by thanking my host and then I express what a pleasure it has been to be on the show and that I look forward to having another opportunity to visit with them. Sounds a bit “corny” but it works.

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