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Magazine Ad Designers

Dan Janal

Can anyone recommend a person who can design a full-page ad for a magazine?

— Al McCree

My graphic artist is great and can do the job magazine ad layout for you. Bill Farrar bill@billfarrar.com, farrardesign.net.

— Jackie Barrie

I can recommend Angela Ellis at stopthetrain.co.uk

— Marv Marshall

Rommel Johnson designs all my ads. Johnson.Rommel@gmail.com

— Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.

I recommend Pat Welch of Chameleon Brands in San Francisco. He has designed my ads, brochures, business cards, websites, and even some of my book covers. I love him! patwelch@chameleonbrands.com

— Mechelle

My graphic designer designed most of the major ads for a cluster of radio stations in Chicago! He would be ideal! Contact Ilaiyah@yahoo.com

— Amara Rose

My friend Phil Wikel is the Creative Director for Ojai Quarterly magazine; ad design is his forte. He’s based in Southern California: 805-649-9017, p_wikel@yahoo.com

— Vicki Hitzges

Melinda Marcus can design an ad for you! She owns a VERY successful ad agency here in Dallas and, prior to that, worked as the creative director at some of the largest ad agencies in the Southwest. Melinda is now a speaker. Check out her website — which she designed herself. 214-987-2400, melinda@inpsychs.com

— Joe Heuer

If you like the look of my site, Doug Golner is your guy (see below). I won’t use anyone else.


— Douglas Golner

In addition to my work with Joe Heuer and my other clients, I also worked in marketing at the local newspaper (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) for over 15 years, so I’m quite familiar with all phases of ads, campaigns and sales collateral development from concept through creative (copy and design) to publication.

For samples of some of my professional work, you’re cordially invited to take a look at my portfolio.

DG Media & Design, 414-234-8637

— Jeff Dobkin

I can create a full-page magazine ad. I’ve written 4 books on marketing and advertising, and over 300 magazines have featured my work. I’ve written and designed lots of ads, brochures and direct mail pieces — my specialty is direct response.

You can see if I’m any good here: danielleadams.com

610-642-1000, jeff@dobkin.com

— Bill Van Nimwegen

I am a designer, formerly the NSA staff artist, and have done lots of magazine ad work — there are usually 3 or 4 of my designs in each issue of SPEAKER.

Contact me if you would like an estimate for your ad. My rate is $60/hr and most of the ads I do take less than 2 hours with all of the corrections.

VanimDesign.com, 480-671-1791

— Hobie Hobart

Dunn+Associates has extensive experience in advertising design as well as our publishing and speaking industry experience. We started out as an advertising agency in the early ’80s and switched over to publishing and speaking nearly 25 years ago. Our mindset is on branding and is applied to anything that we create for our clients.


SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions

SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions