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Eddie Leigh

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Here are the responses to my question: I'm considering using www.insitefulsurveys.com for an online survey service. They charge $24.95 per month and there is no contract. You use the service as long as you wish. Has anyone used this company or another company that does online surveys? Any general advice on online surveys?


-- Rita Risser

Surveymonkey.com is free if you are getting 100 responses or fewer. At least, that's what is says on their Web site -- when I did it, I got 121 responses! If you want more responses than that, I believe it is $19.95 a month.

-- Jackie Huba

We use Surveymonkey.com. And you can customize the survey with your logo and colors.

-- Janet Anderton

Many of my colleagues use Survey Monkey and speak very highly of their services. You can use their free version to try them out, plus they offer a package for $19.95 per month (unlimited surveys I believe).

The other neat thing about this company is they provide links to 34 of their competitors (including Insiteful Surveys). You have research access to the majority of survey companies in one location! To me, that's confidence in your services!

Find the list of survey provider links under the pricing section at the bottom.


-- Todd Huston

Try www.corporatesurvey.com.

-- Tony Alessandra

Try www.AutomatedAssessments.com.

-- Kay Johnson

We use Zoomerang.com for our Internet survey work. Very reliable and great results.

-- Ken Braly

We used questionbuilder.com for a SpeakerNet News survey. They've raised their prices -- free for a single survey of <25 questions and <25 responses; $29/month (no contract) is the next level.

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