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Following is a list of PowerPoint designer recommendations.

-- Peggy Duncan

Presentations Magazine (www.presentations.com) is a free publication. Every issue features PowerPoint designers and before/after designs they've done. Awesome! I've met with one of them: Jennifer Rotundo, (770) 421-2476, jennifer@creativemindsinc.com.

-- Ellen Finkelstein

I can highly recommend Jennifer Rotondo at www.creativemindsinc.com. I don't know her rates, but she's very skilled and knowledgeable and I really love her sense of design.

-- Lynda Curtin

I highly recommend Marilyn Snyder. She presented PowerPoint Design at our chapter - Los Angeles, in August. Her presentation was right on the mark and included many before and after examples that were stunning in visual impact. Her website: www.marilynsnyder.com

-- Norm Hull

I recommend Marilyn Snyder who is a member of NSA. Excellent resource, not sure what she charges but she does great work and has some great resources.

-- Lynn Shaw

NSA member Jean Palmer Heck would do an excellent job. She is an Executive Coach and speaker and uses PowerPoint effectively and with great animation. Her website is www.real-impact.com and her number is 317/873-3772.

-- Patricia Katz

I recommend Deborah Black and the folks at DBlack Communications. They've done a great job designing PowerPoint templates for my programs. black@dblack.com, www.dblack.com.

-- Ron Jasnioski

For great PowerPoint presentations contact Debbie Manning. She does a lot of work for professional speakers. She is very pleasant to work with, does a great job and has very reasonable fees. debmanning@bigplanet.com

-- Cantu

I saw Tom Mucciolo of www.medianet-ny.com do a breakout session on using PowerPoint effectively. His presentation content is a league by itself. He is the first person to ever make me ever even consider using PowerPoint. If I were to actively pursue a PowerPoint program I would definitely buy the book offered on his site so I could properly brief my designer.

-- Robert Moment

I highly recommend Jean-Marie Navetta for PowerPoint presentations. This lady is a Design Guru. Jean-Marie can be reached at PopGraphics@aol.com.

-- Sue Rusch

I strongly recommend Eric Holm, a vendor-member of the Minnesota Chapter. He did several projects for us for our chapter's Silent Auction, and he worked quickly, efficiently, and creatively. TVgeek@aol.com

-- Ann Bloch

Marlise Parker prepares slides for top execs in communication. Her forte is creativity and imagination. Her creations are truly "one of a kind." marliseparker@earthlink.net

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