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Tom Terrific

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If you're interested in investing in your own Digital Projector, here's my advice and the process I went through to make a decision.


The first thing I'd recommend is that you physically see,
inspect and ask questions about as many digital projectors
as you can. Go to stores, organizations, NSA meetings,
rental places etc. Look at and compare as many projectors as
you can to get a feel for your needs.

The best web site to start with is
I'd read the articles and then use their "Projector Database"
You can enter your own general criteria and they will search
for a match. I ended up with a dozen projectors on my list
and whittled it down to one.

For your information, my main criteria were these:


Noise........It needed to be relatively quiet
(note...some models are fairly noisy)

Lumens.......1000 lumens +
(this is bright enough to use in most meeting rooms without
turning down the lights)

Quality.....It needed to be a name brand with a good
warranty and a great picture.

I ended up buying the Infocus LP-280.
I actually brought my laptop in, hooked it up and checked
the picture quality...it was great.

LP-280 is listed at $2999, but I paid $1899 at

I almost bought a different brand and model, but because I
couldn't test it or find any reviews, I stayed with the one
I knew was a winner.


There are quite a few screens available, but the one I chose is the
one I got to try. It's the Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater. It retails
for $640, but I got mine for $372. You can pay as little as $100 for a
screen, but I definitely went for the WOW factor. This model looks
professional, goes up easily and quickly and is impressive.
I found my best price at... www.bhphotovideo.com
I'd suggest an 80" diagonal minimum.



The problem with the remote that comes with most projectors is that
they are infrared devices. Sometimes they work and sometimes they
don't -- not good for a professional PowerPoint presentation. There
are a number of models out there, but in this case I took my advice
from Michael Morgan.
Check his web site for more technology hints.

I ended up buying the RemotePoint RF Cordless Mouse.
It had some great reviews.
I got mine from www.cdw.com for $150.


I'd say these recommendations are only good for a couple of months or
so. I'd use them as a starting point and see what's the latest and
greatest device.

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