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I’m looking for a rigorous proofreader who’s comfortable with technology. —Ann Wylie

— Ann Wylie

An editor's editor.

Rich Barger

— Barbara Bartlein

Ken has proofed all my books, articles, and contracts for years. He knows rules I never heard of!

Ken Brosky

— Jerry Davis

She was a great help putting together a collection involving disparate authors.

Reba Hilbert

— Melanie Szlucha

She’s not only a meticulous proofreader, but an experienced ghostwriter who also has experience in SEO. She takes her client work very seriously and will go above and beyond, including learning new software, to help her clients.

Mary Schneider

— Ann Wylie

Husband-and-wife team of awesome editors.

Chris Smith & Marci McGrath

She is professional, thorough, and reliable.

— Lisa Montanaro

A brilliant proofreader (and copy editor and writer too!) who has loads of experience in publishing industry and as freelancer.

Tracy Stroh
(845) 656-8250

— Melinda Brody

I just finished my first book and used Sheryl as my editor. She was extraordinary and combed through every sentence, punctuation mark, etc., to be sure it was correct. I can’t say enough great things.

Sheryl Kurland

I’m seeking recommendations for an excellent, reliable proof-reader for a non-technical book at reasonable cost. —Helen Spielman

— Barbara Ziegler

Gwen Hoffnagle is very professional, her turn-around time is also good, and her fees are very reasonable.

Gwen Hoffnagle, Editor-at-Large
Colorado, USA
(719) 942-4403

— Jim Jackson

Susan Erickson
Certified Copyediting and Proofreading
(760) 277-4405

— Carole Spiers

An excellent and well-recommended editor. Lives in the UK.

Michael Halpern
+ 44 (0) 7764 604 922

— Bonnie Mattick and Lorri Allen

An excellent proof-reader (and good editor). She is a member of our NSA-AZ Chapter.

Barbara McNichol

— John Work

I could not recommend anyone more highly than

Sherryl Braughton

She is professional, thorough, and reliable.

— Leah Carey

I highly recommend

Sybil Carey

She works as a developmental editor and a copy editor and is the editor for a national organization’s quarterly journal. She does impeccable work and her clients love her.

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