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Stu McLaren

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Following are the responses I received to my question: Where can I get royalty-free music to use in my presentations/audio series?

-- Roberta Guise

You get the best music by purchasing segments for a specific one-time use. Look for professional audio recording studios in your area. Most have extensive libraries that you can audition before selecting what used to be called a "needle drop". In San Francisco I used Robert Berke Sound for many years (in my former life as a professional video producer).

-- Ruby Newell-Legner


-- Dan Poynter

Short clips of royalty-free music: http://www.clipart.com

-- Jean Palmer Heck

I've used The Music Bakery and have been pleased with their rates and their royalty-free products. http://www.musicbakery.com/

-- Mitch Krayton

If you own a Mac, then get a .Mac account. Apple has provided an entire 1.3 GB FreePlay library of royalty free music for subscribers in their iDisk. This is only available to Mac users and is $99 a year but also includes a host of other services. It is there to help people use Apple iMovie, iDVD and Keynote create compelling work. http://www.mac.com

For Macs and PCs I recommend SmartSound's Movie Maestro (EZ) or SonicFire (Pro). http://www.smartsound.com/

-- MaryJo Wagner

Canary Productions and Music Bakery are two of them. I particularly like Canary. I wanted one track played over and over as background to a meditation tape. Called the guy at Canary, told him what track I wanted, and he did it in a few days for less money than I could have purchased a commercial CD. He sounded as if my request was a bit unusual but he was happy to oblige. Canary's phone number is 800/368-0033. He'll send you a catalog and put you on the mailing list.

-- Marian Madonia

Check out DigitalJuice.com and go to Presentations. Then check out BackTraxx PowerPoint Volumes 1 & 2.

Some very cool stuff here. Using in presentations doesn't require an additional license. But if you are going to reproduce onto a cassette/cd/dvd etc., you've got to talk to them about licensing. I haven't done this yet, so I have no idea how much it is. Their prices are pretty reasonable, so I expect this would be as well.

-- Linda Brakeall

I'm fond of The Music Bakery - http://www.themusicbakery.com

Here's where the Best Production Music doesn't have to be expensive. And, it's all Royalty Free music! The CDs, as I recall, about $50 each and a good variety to choose from.

-- Larry Mersereau

I use Music Bakery in Dallas, TX. http://www.musicbakery.com or 800-229-0313 for a free sample CD or download. Great stuff in all music genres.

-- Homeyra Eshaghi

Try this site: http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx/Instruments/. It has mostly short background sound effects. Some sound really nice when repeated.

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