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Todd Natenberg

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I'm trying to find a list of every sales-oriented magazine/ periodical/ newsletter, the editor-in-chief there, the direct phone number, and the email of that editor. I have looked in Beacon's and Sorkin's in Chicago, but nothing more than 10 publications come up. I know there are at least 200. Does anyone know how I can acquire such a list?

-- Linda Brakeall

There is a reference book at the library of all periodicals. I think The Periodic Guide but not sure. Call your local library and ask.

-- Doris Jeanette

Have you checked out Meg's place? www.woodenhorsepub.com. Her Web site and newsletter have great resources for freelance writers.

-- Kare Anderson

Try Paul Krupin's Web site: www.imediafax.com

-- Marilynn Mobley

I use MediaMapOnline.com to do research on pubs. Of course, it's a subscription service (and an expensive one at that) but it's very effective. Here's what I've discovered about using Bacon's and Media Map: the secret is to do a global search using the smallest amount of info possible, sort of like using an Internet search engine.

So, if you want all sales mags, for instance, put into the search:

  • sale
  • sales
  • sell
  • selling
  • buy
  • buyer
  • market
  • marketing

I hopped over to MediaMapOnline while typing this note and found several dozen periodicals that match these descriptions. I'm not aware of a comprehensive list that is free. You might try using Google and put in "sales publications" and similar terms to see what turns up. Your best bet is to use the online version of Bacon's or MediaMap, rather than the hard copy pubs, which aren't updated weekly (obviously) like the online versions are. Perhaps you can get a try-and-buy deal from Bacon's or MediaMap.

-- Michelle Nichols and Nancy Lininger

Did you check The Writer's Market? www.writersmarket.com. It's an annual book, but even better, you can subscribe for $2.99 (yes, less than 3 bucks) a month and it's more current.

-- Peggy Duncan

Check out the list on the Sales and Marketing Executives Int'l site. This might lead you somewhere. www.smei.org and click on Resources, then Journals.

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