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Short-Run Printers

Noah St. John

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Here are the responses for my inquiry on short-run printers.

-- Brian Pomeroy

Years ago I did a lot of work with AlphaGraphics and was always pleased with both the price and results. They did both photocopying and offset printing, and offered ancillary services such as folding and binding. They offered typesetting services, but I never used it as everything I provided was always camera-ready. AlphaGraphics is a national chain so there should be a branch near you.

-- Philippa Gamse

I use an AlphaGraphics store in Schaumburg, IL. They have designed and produced all my materials, including my logo, press kit, audio and video tape covers, as well as business supplies. People really respond to the look of my stuff. ;-)

I recently moved to California, but can still work with them via e-mail. They specialize in digital printing, and can produce any number of anything that I want -- large or small.

If you are interested, call Erik Gerew on 847/490-3660. My designer's name is Doug Baker.

-- Anne-Marie Rennick

I have worked with Andrew Inderwick, Corporate Printers before & found them to be reliable & reasonably priced. You can reach Andrew at inderwick@home.com or 613/591-2335.

-- Mitch Axelrod

Dan Poynter is the king of short run info. If you know him, call him. If you don't, tell him I referred you. He can tell you exactly who to use.

Web site http://parapublishing.com. Phone 805/968-7277, email DanPoynter@parapublishing.com

-- M. Tina Dupree

Morris Publishing Company, 800/650-7888. Call and they will send out a nice packet at no cost.

-- Candy & Drew Abbott

Tom Lagana forwarded your request for someone to help with typesetting, graphics, etc. for a small run manuscript. Our company, Fruit-Bearer Publishing, specializes in beginning authors with small projects (usually 200 pages or less). We subcontract the printing on jobs that call for 500-1,000 copies with perfect binding. We are a Christian company, so the work must reflect wholesome, biblical values; however, it does not necessarily have to be spiritual in nature. Our standard fee is $30/hr.

Let us know if you're interested, and we will forward a spec sheet for you to complete to see if we'd be a good match for one another.

-- Cynthia D'Amour

I have used Sheridan books for all three of my self-published books. They do a lot of short run work.

They are located in Chelsea, MI (near Ann Arbor) and work with publishers from around the world. Kathy King is my sales rep -- she's great to work with. Her number is 734/475-9145 extension 226.

I don't believe they do typesetting; however, Wendy Everett, of Publitech, here in Ann Arbor does -- and does fabulous work and has even won awards for it.

Another nice thing about you working with Wendy is that since she's here in town, she could help midwife your project through Sheridan Books -- staying on top of the printing process and keeping things moving forward at a good clip.

I'm picking up my third book from Sheridan Books this week -- and Wendy has helped me somehow with each of them.

Wendy's number is (734) 677-1822 and e-mail: Wendye999@aol.com.

-- Joanne Schlosser

I'd strongly recommend Nancy and John Katrakis at Print Partner in Tempe, AZ at 480/967-7650. They've printed both my books. They don't do the graphics or typesetting but can recommend folks who do. They bend over backwards to work with their clients. The graphic artist created my book cover in 48n hours. Her name is Erika Diehl, she's at 602/788-8627 or erika@erika.org. Tell them I sent you.

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