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Bill Bruck

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The Request:

One of the most interesting things about receiving email from fellow speakers is the "sig files" at the end of the emails. By looking at others' we can get some ideas for our own. Send me your sig file with or without a short "here's why I make mine this way" paragraph.

I was looking over all the sig files and here are a few conclusions I drew and potential best practices I've seen.

  1. Be yourself. There's no "usual and customary" practice among the best speakers ... sig files vary widely in length, content, and amount of "advertising".
  2. Think through your goals. Are you trying to provide contact information? Obtain immediate action (buy product, request ezine, click through to website)? Know about you (your area of expertise, programs, products).
  3. What image are you projecting? Just as with your dress and language, your sig file will make a first impression. What image do you want to project (corporate? fun? alternative?) and what type of relationship is your sig file saying you want (buyer/seller, consultant/client, professional/professional)?
  4. Consider your audience(s). Who are your potential customers? What type of communications are they comfortable with? Who else might be reading your messages? Should you have multiple sig files for different audiences?
  5. Consider potential risks. Do you need to worry about any potential "cheese factor" (looking like you're hawking products), or the "Alka-Seltzer factor" (I've seen that commercial 523 times before!), or the "stodgy factor" (looks like another corporate suit) in achieving your goals with your audience?

Before getting into the examples, here are a few comments:

  • Some of these had backgrounds, colored fonts, or other formatting that didn't come out in this recap, but at least you'll get the content this way!
  • I left in typos in sig files.

Andrew Risner
Empowerment at Work
7 Linksway
Nw4 1jR

t: 0208-202-9408
f: 0208-202-9407


Empowering individuals and organisations

Success Engineering
Effective & Confident Public Speaking
Strategic Consulting
NLP for Dynamic Businesses

If there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?

 ~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

"Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. And there are 5
people in my family, so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or
my dad. Or my older brother Colin. Or my younger brother Wing Chun.
But I think it's  Colin."

Here's my sig.
It includes my determining statement, my target market and topic. Also
contact info and a call for action about nudging some neurons.

It is a little long and a little bog, but that also make is easy to

Take care

Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP
(Certified Speaking Professional)
EINSTEIN ALIVE! Keynotes, Workshops, Consulting
Working with People who want to Expand their Creativity and
with Organizations that want to Explore New Ways of Thinking

To reach our Director of Marketing:
Marcia Snow at Blue Feather Management
Voice:  858-292-8994, or toll free at  888-797-6700
E-Mail: Marcia@BlueFeatherManagement.com

To reach Arden directly:
E-Mail: Speaker@EinsteinAlive.com
Voice:  760-726-1124 or toll free at 800-748-6967
Web:    www.EinsteinAlive.com

Add FUN, CREATIVITY and RESULTS to your meetings.
You Deserve Insights from "The Person of the Century!"

because I set it up automatically and haven't look at it since!

Ben Levitan
 T O O      E A S Y     G O U R M E T
The World's First Non-Fiction Cookbook
20 mins or less - 5 ingredients or fewer

OK, I've shown you mine, now let me see yours...

BIG Mike McDaniel
Broadcast Consultant - Author - Professional Speaker
Publisher of SELLING RADIO Magazine
Post Office Box 598 - Dugger Indiana 47848
812-847-8758 (office)    530-618-5542 (fax)

I used to keep it short, but everything else I get has advertising
banners built on top and bottom. Why should I limit myself?

*Professional Speaker, Author, and vocalist, member National Speakers
Assoc. and National Writers Assoc.
*Sign up for Bob's FREE weekly message, "I Believe in YOU!" visit

*Excellent choice for your next meeting or conference...Powerful
Keynotes, Entertaining Presentations,
Informative Training sessions for the Corporate CEO, to the non profit

*Make a wish on a star!  http://www.bobperks.com/troubles.htm  Pass it
on to friends, please!

*Visit Bob's Inspirational Book Store for incredible discounts on
books, tapes and videos by the world's best!

Dear Bill,
	It's a pleasure.  Here it is.

Kindest regards,    Burt

Burt Dubin, President, Personal Achievement Institute,
http://www.dubinspeak.com    e-mail:  burt@dubinspeak.com
Publisher, Speaking Success System, Speaking Strategy Reports,
Speaking Success Reports, Inner Circle Letter,
Professional Speakers Profit Letter, SpeakingBizSuccessLetter.
Check out the many downloadable articles on this site.
Why figure it all out for yourself when someone who has
traveled this path is available to provide guidance,
mentoring, hope, direction--and understanding.
Reach Burt at +520-753-7546, fax +520-753-7554.

This sig box is powerful.

I have been an affiliate of Tom Antion's since January. I have never
had more than 50 click thrus a month to his site since then.

I attended his SF Buttcamp (Sat July 15& Sun July 16)

On Monday July 17, I had 26 click thrus for the month.

Based on some principles covered by master copy writer David Garfinkle
in the weekend buttcamp, I re-wrote the following sig box on July 17
and started using this current version.

I use it only when I am contributing to four lists that go to list
managers/ezine publishers.

With this new sig box, by July 22 I had about 120 click thrus and
ended up with 143 click thrus total for the month of July.

It is 10:30 pm August 2, 2000 and I already have 11 click thrus for
this month (I just went to my stats page and checked).
Tom Antion started his speaker's ezine in January 1999.  Using his
ezine as a template, I published my first CantuHumor issue March 1999.
 I have 450 subscribers. Antion now has 12,000+ subscribers.  I found
out why here: http://www.antion.com/t.cgi/102055/buttcamp.htm

The sig box below is my basic sig file.

My major problem with it is that for my ezines, it lists the address
of my list server (eGroups).  I started out using ONElist and now that
ONElist has been taken over by eGroups there is a lot files with my
old ONElist addy and while eGroups does recognise them and will
process them.

Now I'm sending out lots of sig box with an eGroups addy.

My web mistress is setting up a web page where people can subscribe
and as soon as bugs are work out will use that as the subscription
address and that will be just one address and it will have my web site
name in it.

I also think the sig box could sell my site better but I've been too
busy with other issues to deal with it.

Will send you another email with a different sig box

Free humor ezines: Tips on creating/delivering humor:
New jokes weekly: CantuJokesWeekly-subscribe@egroups.com
ComedyClubDiaries@egroups.com (written by pro comedians)
Lots more free comedy resources http://www.HumorMall.com
AOL Click here


Per your request from SpeakerNet News is my signature file.  I add my
catch praise and advertise my e-zine.
Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen Teaches audiences how to Out-Market, Out-Sell and
Out-Profit The Competition ~ Expertise In Retail, Visual & Promotional
Marketing, 21st Century Customer Service and Dream Team Training

Allen & Associates Consulting, Inc.
Professional Speaker & Business Consultant
131 West Sunburst Lane; Tempe, AZ 85284
Toll Free: 800-359-4544 / Local: 480-831-8090
Fax: 480-831-8334
Email: Debbie@DebbieAllen.com
Web Site:  http://www.DebbieAllen.com

Sign up for your FREE monthly subscription to Retail Success Speaks,
Allen's on-line retail newsletter today! Reply by e-mail or sign up on
the web at www.DebbieAllen.com.


Below is the signature I use on all e-mails.  I list my full name and
organization so they know who I am.  Then I include a line explaining
how I help people so they know what I do.  Then I give them many ways
to contact me and end with two key associations I belong to with links
to those pages (CAPS helps them find other speakers if I don't fit the


Dave Paradi - Business Improvement Architects
I specialize in helping organizations and individuals run successful
projects, plan strategically and use presentation technology
E-mail: dparadi@bia.ca
Web: www.bia.ca
Tel: (416) 444-8225 ext. 304
Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
(www.canadianspeakers.org) and
Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org)

Greetings Bill!

I use a sig file to brand my name and what I do. I am also incredibly
lazy and want to type as little as possibl.

David Crowley

The Corporate Smart-Aleck

Resonate, Inc.
Making Work More Worthwhile
11055 Hill Gail Ct.
Parker, CO  80138-7246
(o) 720.635.0990
(f) 720.851.9384
(e) DCrowley@resonating.com
(w) www.resonating.com

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Click on REPLY and type "subscribe" in the subject area of your email


Pretty strait forward.  I have thought about having a "card" designed,
but this is quick and easy.


-- David Zach, futurist
225 E. St. Paul Ave. Suite 303
Milwaukee, WI 53202
414-278-0414 office phone
414-807-0414 pocket phone
800-470-6798 or 8004706798@airmessage.net to reach me anywhere

Sig file below.  I use this one because it gets responses from people
who do not know me or what I do but have an interest.  Tina Dupree,

Dr. M. Tina Dupree is the owner of Motivational Training Center (MTC),
a training company that provides professional speakers, trainers,
consulting and coaching.  MTC's clients are aspiring and professional
speakers, business owners, corporations and organziations.
Dr. Dupree is the founder of a non-profit organization, Professional
Speakers Network, Inc. that is now celebrating its 5th year.
She is the author of three books:
Four ways to order or get more information:
#1.)   Phone 1-305-759-7655    #2.) Fax 1-305-759-7656   #3.) Internet
www.thechickenlady.com   #4) Mail - PO Box 540821, Opa Locka, FL  33054

Hi Bill.

The purpose of my sig file is to communicate my contact info and
business tag line quickly and thoroughly and to separate it from the
rest of the email message.

Since I am on AOL, I don't have an automatic way of doing this.  I
keep it as an icon on my screen and just click, copy and paste onto my
email message.

Ethel Cook


Creating Dynamic * Productive Work Environments
            Consulting, Training, Coaching

Ethel Cook, Principal
Corporate Improvement Group
4 Hilda Road
Bedford, MA  01730-1518
Voice:  781-275-2326
Fax:      781-275-7136
Email:  EthelCook@aol.com


This electronic mail transmission may contain confidential or privileged
information.  If you believe that you have received the message in error,
please notify the sender by reply transmission and delete the message
without copying or disclosing it.


Great idea Bill!  Thanks, Gloria Starr

Want a New Perspective on Your Business?  YOU are the Message

Committed to magnifying your professional presence
           and leveraging your career

For additional information:

           Gloria Starr  SUCCESS  STRATEGIES
Life Strategist, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach

Phone: (561) 547-1802   Fax: (561) 547-1872

Email: gloriastarr@bellsouth.net
Web Site: http://www.gloriastarr.com
Winner of the Golden Web Award for excellence in design and content


Here's my sig  .... contains name in color to draw attention, the
"what I do" statement, and all the contact info.  I place my web site
right at the top to hopefully draw them there.

Gene Swindell
works with companies that want to create a competitive
advantage by strengthening the framework of their
organization through leadership, team building
and quality customer service.

Creative Concepts International, Inc.
5277 Glenridge Drive N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30342-1355
Toll free:  877.815.8666
Atlanta:  404.303.9066
Fax:  404.303.1067
e-mail:  gswindell@aol.com

Hi Bill ... my sig file is in continuous development, as I change! It
says who I am, what I do, how to find out more, and, importantly, how
to contact me. And it's short - four lines max, I think is the most!


IAIN DUGUID - Lifestyle Growth Speaker, for
life, finance, business, marketshare, even youth!
www.Listen.At/IainDuguid     E-mail iaind@bigpond.com
Telephone/ Facsimile +61 7 5429 6547

I want to give them every way possible to get ahold of me. I don't
include an elevator speech.

Jay Arthur - The KnowWare(tm) Man
Quantum Improvement
2244 S. Olive St
Denver, CO 80224
(888) 468-1537 or (303) 753-9355
(888) 468-1536 or (303) 753-9675 FAX

Get your advance electronic copy of my upcoming book, "BRAVE NEW
WORKPLACE...101 Easy, Creative Ways to Change the World of Work" for
only $19.95 (that's a $5 savings, AND there's no shipping, no handling
and no sales tax!)  Just click on john@firstepinc.com and provide your
Visa/MC or Amex number and expiration date and it's only a click away.
Or, you may call toll free to 1-877-R U WEIRD.  For a free preview,
ask for "The List" and I will send you the index to see before you

Judith E. Dacey, CPA
Entrepreneurial Consultant
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Motivator & advisor to small business owners and the self-employed. 
CPA, Mensan, and professional speaker, Judith summarizes complex
information about tax, marketing, and accounting issues & trends into
easily understood ideas.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Small Business Resources, Inc.
773 S. Kirkman Rd-118, Orlando, FL 32811
(407) 298-4646  FAX 297-0588

Example #1

Lenny Laskowski, Professional Speaker
106 School House Road
Newington, CT. 06111-4002, USA
1-860-666-4855  Fax: 305-489-6481

This is my bare-bones signature with links to both e-mail & website

Example #2

Lenny Laskowski, DTM & Professional Speaker
               FREE Monthly Speaking Tips
      Presentation Skills Seminars & Keynotes
                       & Internet Marketing
  Voice 1-860-666-4855   eFAX: 1-305-489-6481
           In Continental USA:  1-800-606-4855
Subscribe to our FREE Simply Speaking E-Zine

This mentions briefly what I do and about my E-zine which currently
has over 21,000 subscribers

Example #3

Lenny Laskowski, DTM & Professional Speaker
Presentation Skills Seminars & Keynotes
                  & Internet Marketing

Voice 1-860-666-4855   eFAX: 1-305-489-6481
       In Continental USA:  1-800-606-4855
106 Schoolhouse Road, Newington, CT. 06111-4002
                  United States Of America
Watch for Lenny's new book, "10 Days to Confident
Public Speaking"  published by Warner Books
to come out later this year in bookstores everywhere.

This is more "push technology" and mentions of new book coming out

Here's mine - as you can see, I'm featuring my latest book which has
positioned me as a topic expert. It's working quite nicely! I'm in the
process of updating the inspirational message but my dad just had
cancer surgery so I'm behind in just about everything.

Leslie Charles, professional speaker and author of Why Is Everyone So
Cranky?, was featured in USA Today's cover story Tuesday, July 18.
Leslie has appeared on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, PAX, and A & E,
and her book has been featured in over 70 newspapers throughout North
America. Visit www.whyiseveryonesocranky.com and discover the
mysterious forces behind our cultural mood downturn, take a Cranky
Quiz, sign our E-Petition to help put the brakes on road rage, and
urge your friends to do the same! June/July's inspirational message is
entitled "Birds of a Feather." PO Box 956, East Lansing, MI  48826  
517.675.7535 phone   517.675.7511 fax

Hi, Bill, I just got my website up, so I use this simple sig, hoping
less is more, and folks will focus and click! Best, Lucy Jo

Lucy Jo Palladino, Ph.D.
Building focus skills

Dear Bill,

This is what I have been doing so people know who I am.  I change the
quote occasionally.  I'd be interested to know see what you come up

Peace, Love and Joy,

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly
endless." Mother Teresa

For Mind/Body/Spirit programs on Stress Hardiness, Relaxation, or Joy
see www.lynndurham.com or call 603-926-9700
Lynn Durham, RN, monthly columnist, author, well being coach, blends the
knowledge of a former professor of nursing education with the wisdom gained
at the Harvard Deaconess Mind Body Medical Institute and mixes it with her
own brand of light-hearted optimism and joy.  Lynn writes and speaks for
people who want to release anger, anxiety and anguish, those who want to
cherish and celebrate life.  Companies, associations, schools and
individuals have gained the insights to choose the best strategies and tools
to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives.  Lynn is a
member of the National Wellness Association, the American Association of
Therapeutic Humor, the National and New England Speakers Association, and
the National Association of Self Esteem.

Hi Bill,

I have my sig file this way so folks who read it will know who I am,
what I can do, and what others think of me.

Mike Miller

Then give Mike Miller a call!
"Positively Carolina!" WCBD-TV
 "Boyish enthusiasm!" Charleston Post & Courier
(843) 762-4458        mikemiller@ureach.com
Want more information? Go to www.mikemiller.20.com
Keynotes, Spouses Programs,Story Programs,
Training, Consulting and just plain fun!
Mike Miller-1 Victorious Life Circle, P.O. Box
Charleston, SC 29422-3881

My target market is financial services companies (investment advisors
and investment broker/dealers).  Hopefully my signature says it all.
Very few people in my industry can be helpful in both regulatory
compliance and marketing (left brain and right brain functions).  My
web site is www.liftburden.com.  My incoming phone message also picks
up on the theme, "Nancy Lininger is lifting weights right now.  If you
are pinned down by compliance and marketing, The Consortium will lift
that burden off your shoulders.  Please leave your pressing message,
and your call will be returned by the next business day."


Nancy Lininger  "Professional Weightlifter"  The Consortium
Will lift the burden of compliance and marketing off your shoulders.
lininger@pacbell.net  www.liftburden.com   805-987-6115 pho
805-987-1988 fax

Hi Bill,

Good thinking to you.

Lynda Curtin
The Opportunity Thinker
"Helping people strengthen their business results with a steady flow of
profitable new ideas."
Phone: 818-507-6055
Attend: Your Fast Track to Innovation
Sept. 20, 2000. Chicago
AOL users:   Conference Brochure - go to
page 4
Everyone else:  www.hdldiv.org/   (then go to page 4)
Attend: Technology Conference - Cyberbranding - How to Strengthen Your
Brands in Cyberspace, Dec. 13, Chicago
Attend: Instructor Certification - Lateral Thinking or Six Thinking Hats,
Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 2001, Los Angeles

Here's mine.


Rebecca L. Morgan, CSP, CMC
Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Management Consultant
Working with people and organizations that want to increase their
productivity and effectiveness.
Author of TurboTime: Maximizing Your Results Through Technology,
Calming Upset Customers, Life's Lessons: Insights and Information for
a Richer Life, Best Practices in Customer Service, Inspiring Others to
Win, and Professional Selling: Practical Secrets for Successful Sales

In addition to information on our services, we've provided free
articles and resources that help you work smarter:


Here's mine which points out my "Ask Dr. Ruth" column regarding
health, fitness, nutrition, athletics, triathlon and more.  My website
also has description of my books and tape.  It's been fairly effective
for almost five years now, as far as I can tell.  It DOES keep me

Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph. D.
1415 Victoria St. #1106
Honolulu, HI 96822
Ask Dr. Ruth:   vegsource.org

Bill - I've been noticing these SIG lines too! I'll be eager to see
the results!

This is new NEW RELEASE Signature line - since the products are new -
and so is the acceptance of credit cards.

Purple is my speaker color - and the yellow highlights the theme of

Sheryl L. Roush
Speaker/Int'l Trainer/Author
Helping you  reach your audiences - in person and in print!

The Speaker with the "Solid Gold" Touch
P.O. Box 2373, La Mesa, CA 91943-2373
Phone 858.569.6555
Toll Free 800.932.0973
Fax 858.569.5924

* NEW RELEASE: "Solid Gold Newsletter Design" book - Retail $29.95
* NEW RELEASE: "Solid Gold Marketing Tactics" available in CD or Audio
- $19.95
* Get the "Solid Gold" Set (Book + CD or Audio) - only $39.95 (Value $49.90)
+ $4 S&H

All major credit cards are now accepted: MC, VISA, American Express, Carte
Blanche, JCB, Diner's Club Int'l, Discover

Coaching, Consultation and Materials Review with Sheryl Roush are

This is my typical BUSINESS Signature line:

Sheryl  Roush
Creative Communications
Speaker, Int'l Trainer, Consultant, Author
Phone: 858.569.6555
Fax: 858.569.5924
Toll Fee: 800.932.0973
e-mail: Sheryl@SparkleWhenYouSpeak.com

My file is simple and has all of my content information.

Susan Pilgrim, PhD
Susan Pilgrim Inc/Writing Partners
Susan@SusanPilgrim.com & Susan@WritingPartners.net
http://www.SusanPilgrim.com & http://www.WritingPartners.net

Here's mine!

Rosalind Sedacca --
Business Communication Strategist
Gender Relations At Work/Selling To Women/REAL Communication

Here's mine

Priscilla Richardson  MA, JD   Communication/marketing
consultant, professional speaker & trainer
Get action plans & tips to help solve your communication
problems.  Mailto:Wrisuccess@aol.com subject "Subscribe."

and I use it because it is SHORT!

All the best,

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