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Finding a Graphic Artist

Carolyn Bercovitz

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I asked: 4-Star graphic artist needed. Can you recommend someone who is terrific, yet modest in fees?

-- William J. McCurry

I have used Duffy Langford (916) 723-9941 or by email duffy@duffytoon.com to illustrate my books and cartoons for speeches. Additionally he has done some layout and graphic artist work for me. I highly recommend him, his price is too cheap. (He's a talented guy who doesn't charge what he's worth). Call or email if I can help.

-- Sandra Schrift

Call Darlene Simpson of Tiger Reprographics at 463-5523. Feel free to use my name. They also do digital imaging.

-- Tammy Booth

What's your definition of a graphic artist? Artist? Layout? Package Designer? What kind of work do you need done?

I am a great layout artist at $29/hr in Manhattan Beach, CA. I'm good at concepting, but not so good at drawing. I've put together brochures, publicity kits for speakers, flyers, business cards.....

I come from an agency background in traffic, account management, and print production. I have experience in art buying and media placement. My desktop publishing experience of 4 years can stand on my head in Quark Xpress, get by on Photoshop and tinker with Illusrtator 6.0. My rate is very low in comparison to my peers at $45-$75/hr. I charge what I need based on my budget. Today I only need $29/hr.

I'd be happy to send you a press kit of a current clients, so that you may see my work.

I have a toll free number and fax access. Please call me should you feel we can assist each other. 877-220-7900 toll free; 310-546-9442 fax

-- Anita

Seana Moran of Moran Communications is the graphic artist I have used for the last two years. She is absolutely wonderful and has really boosted my image...on paper! Seana also has experience and has worked with me on several audio, video and internet projects.

Don't walk, run to Seana at: (505) 247-1149 or email at: 2cre8@concentric.net

-- John Marchel

I used Beverly Rodgers of Beyond Words in Sacramento CA. She did my graphics and the cover for my book which has had great reviews. I thought her price was very good and she did a lot of extra stuff that went over well.

Her number is 916-492-9295/ email beverlyr@sprynet.com

-- Marguerite Ham

Have I got a graphic artist for you!!!

Karen Saunders
(303) 680-2330

She is outstanding - She has helped me with several projects. Audio Cassette series cover, back spine - I had a vision in my head as to what I wanted -- I tried to explain it to her - she came back with exactly what I had envisioned!! She did the same thing when I asked her to redesign my book cover. I highly recommend her -- she is wonderful!! Good luck.

-- Pat Haddock

Contact Barbara McDonald at LogoLady1@aol.com. She's very good and reasonably priced.

-- Judy Buch

Ed Hogan
FX: 860-525-5357
College Office: 860-647-6234

He teaches graphic design at community college, is not looking for a lot of clients, did my identity logo, book covers, audio shell sleeve. He's one of the best I've ever seen. He's reasonable, easy to work with and is incredibly good!

-- Mike Murray

I saw your request for a graphic artist/designer in the SpeakerNet News. That's what I do. I design books, newsletters, logos, flyers, factsheets, and other materials. My clients include biotechnology companies, legal firms, professional speakers, engineering and construction companies, PR firms, the government, educational institutions, and entertainment groups.

I'd like to find out more about what your needs are and see how I might be able to help. Feel free to call or write.

-- Gary Banko

Carolyn, we are in the process of offering a service for developing, or improving, a speakers media kit. You can view the details and see sample materials at: GaryBanko's Page

-- Betty Anne Cyr

Kevin O'Connor asked that I send you the name of the artist who designed the cover of two of his books:

Carolina Arentson
Hint Studio

-- Mike Rounds

Mark Kuhlman 310-521-1930
He's done great cover/graphics work and is reasonable.

-- JK

Vicki Grucz
V Graphics
57670 Apple Lane
New Hudson MI 48165

-- Rosalind Sedacca

I work with two outstanding graphic artists who are familiar with the speaking industry and its marketing materials. Also great with book covers, album jackets, etc. Their prices are fair, their services very professional

Richard Munson, Blue Wave Design, 561-775-9607, bluewave@mindspring.com

Mark Coats, The Signature Group, 561-688-0068, oneset@aol.com

Mention my name, Rosalind Sedacca, as a referral when you contact them.

-- Dan Sherman

Michael Garza

-- Nancy Vogl

Connie Sweet
Connection Graphics

-- Jean Palmer Heck

You must add Nancy Webb to the list of recommended graphic artists. Put her at the top! She took my book and made it beautiful to read. It literally invites the reader to finish every page. Her business procedures were also excellent. Both process and product were wonderful.

You can reach her at webb@sirius.com.

-- Gloria Dunn

I recommend Todd Crawshaw, www.crawshawdesign.com; and Trina Swerdlow www.TrinasArtSite.com

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