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Tipping Hotel Employees

Jim “Spyder” Weber

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Following are the thoughtful responses to my query:

Is it customary/expected to tip hotel employees who assist with meeting rooms? If so, how much, etc. I’m not interested in blackmail to “purchase” good service that I’m paying for anyway, but appreciation for genuinely good service.

"Whatever it takes to make a successful meeting, do it. I tip hotel staff generously. That way, if there is a last minute glitch I am most likely to get a fast response. Bellmen look in on the meeting, stand in the back of the room and wait for a "thumbs up" from me even as I speak. Some have brought me a free lunch; others have gone well beyond what was expected. That's a lot of service from a hired "meeting partner" who only charges less than 1% of my fee."

"I give them a book or some other product. I never use cash...can't pay them enough to not have it taken as some kind of insult."

"For a short seminar, I used to tip $20 to the house man who helped. If there were others, I would usually put smaller amounts in other envelopes and ask the house man to give them around."

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