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Toll-Free Number Providers

Dave Sherman

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I asked: I'm contemplating getting a toll-free number for my business but there are dozens of companies that offer this service. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who will take the best care of me?

Note that this question was also addressed in 2008.

-- Aristotle Economou

I suggest using http://www.myesa.com if you need the number to "follow you". It also has music on hold while callers wait to be connected. It is a little time consuming learning the menu of options but helpful.

If you are looking for just an 800 number to voice mail, try http://www.j2.com

-- Dick Larkin

I highly recommend CallSource.com as a toll-free provider. Typically they sell in wholesale blocks to publishers such as auto trader and yellow pages.

However, the real value is the amazing back-office suite. They allow you to track the names and numbers and addresses of all incoming calls. You can turn on the feature to record calls and much, much more.

I've purchased nearly 200 lines for my advertisers, and I've been very pleased.

-- Skip Pratt

We use Americom for about 4 years now. We also use their toll-free service for inbound business calls. Not only is their service great (I believe they use MCI's network, but their own equipment, billing, etc.), but they have a great Web interface and send invoices separate from our local phone company, which makes our accounting much cleaner.


-- Rachel Colic

If you operate out of Canada I recommend Bell Canada's service. They offer a toll-free number that you can attach to any existing residential or business service for only $8 per month. You can choose where you want the number to be available for service, i.e., Ontario only, all of Canada or international. You can call 310-2355 and speak to a Business service representative. They have very competitive per minute rates available and their service is very reliable.

-- Bette Dowdell

I have my 800 #s and long distance with TTI National. They set up the 800 #s at no charge, and I pay no monthly fee, only for the calls received (including, unfortunately, wrong numbers -- for which the 800 system is notorious). LD and 800 calls are billed in six-second increments at around five cents a minute. The service has been excellent.

-- Paul Pyle

We started using an 800 service a couple of months ago and it is wonderful to setup and use. It's GotVMail.com and was recommended by Pitney Bowes.


You can pick the level of service that is right for you. Since we have 3 offices in three different states the service has allowed us to connect all three offices for the convenience of our clients. When someone calls the 800 number they receive three options to contact myself, Pat or Jim. The connection is seamless and works just like an in-house PBX system. All voice mails can be forwarded to individual email accounts in an MP3 file, so you don't even have to call the service to get messages. They also provide a free local number in the state your prefer.

-- Sam Silverstein

Here is a link to find out what numbers may be available. Do not request the number. Just find out about availability.

Then go to this link to discuss pricing. They are great!

-- June Van Klaveren

I've had a toll free 800 number from MCI for over 12 years. It costs $10/mo and 3 or 4 cents a minute and I've never had a problem.

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