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David Lee

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I’m looking for recommendations for a Virtual Assistant who is skilled at basic Web maintenance (e.g., doesn’t need to be a fancy designer), and would especially love to hear about someone who has experience with 1ShoppingCart.

— Meggin McIntosh

I can highly recommend Heather Nelson of Champion Assistants (championassistants.wordpress.com). She is excellent and definitely knows 1ShoppingCart. I have used her services for about 2 years now, and will be continuing.

— Karen Wright

I’ve known Cynthia Collett for years and have found her to be reliable, skilled, honest, and always learning new things. I’m not sure she’s familiar with 1ShoppingCart, but I’m a subscriber of them and they have FABULOUS and quick helpline help. I’ve learned quite a bit about it in the year+ I’ve been using it.

You can connect with Cynthia at: cjcollett@comcast.net or (509) 230-0020. Tell her I sent you!

— Lisa Braithwaite

Check out Alyssa Gregory at avertua.com. She’s conscientious, organized, responsible, thorough and easygoing!

— Linda Keith

Kimberly Moore works part-time with me (for over 20 years) and does VA work for others. She handles 1shoppingcart.com and does some of our Web site maintenance as well. Contact her at 360/455 1569.

— Joyce Dillon

Christine Buffalo has been my VA for a year or so. She has helped me set up my blog, work on my Web site, send out my newsletter and much more. I highly recommend Christine.

Christine Buffalo
Serenity Virtual Assistance Services

The following VA and/or Web maintenance people contacted me directly:

— Ken Braly

I’m not sure what other tasks you are seeking in a virtual assistant, but if you’re looking for a Web site maintenance person, I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

I’ve been setting up and maintaining Web sites for 14 years, including the SpeakerNet News site. Back when speakers were first getting on the Web, I created the first Web sites for Patricia Fripp, Tony Alessandra, Jim Cathcart, Jeannie Robertson, and a number of other prominent speakers (they’ve since moved to other Web designers). I’m not a fancy designer, but I can create Web graphics as needed. I’ve worked with several shopping carts, most notably 1ShoppingCart since that’s the one we’ve used at SNN for years.

So technically, I think I could do whatever Web work you need. If you’re looking for a VA to do other secretarial duties as well, I wouldn’t be the right person.

ken@speakernetnews.com, 408-244-2268

— Kathie Thomas

I don’t know if any of my clients read SpeakerNet News but thought I’d make contact anyway. I am a Virtual Assistant and also manage a team of VAs, many of whom are experienced in Web maintenance using Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Wordpress or basic html and php. You can view my site and blog below and I can give you examples of many other sites I’ve either created or maintain if interested. I do have testimonials on my site from clients for whom I’ve provided these services and more — some of which are professional speakers.

Kathie M. Thomas, AFAIOP, MVA, ASO, Author, Speaker, VA Coach
Award-winning Virtual Assistant Services and Network, Est. 1994

Ph: +613 9585 5780, Fax: +613 9585 3785
kathie@vadirectory.net, www.vadirectory.net
VA blog: www.vadirectory.net/blog

— Deborah Davis

I regularly receive SpeakerNet News as a Virtual Assistant to stay abreast of going on in the “speaker’s world.” I have many clients that are professional speakers as well as other solo-preneurs that I help to build their business.

I maintain many of my client’s websites and work with a web master when major design or re-vamps are needed. The main reason I responded to your request is that I LOVE 1Shoppingcart and have taken Master’s Certification training offered through Practice Pay Solutions (a private label of 1Shoppingcart). See the eCommerce Consulting list of specialists here (I’m the 3rd name on the list).

Take a look at my Testimonials page to see what some of my clients have to say and if you would like to speak directly, I would enjoy talking to you to learn more about your company and how a Virtual Assistant can help you take your business to the next level.

Deborah Davis | A Virtual Click Away
920.684.5428 | Fax 801.684.5422
The Virtual Solutions Pro

SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions

SpeakerNet News is produced by Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly. It is not affiliated with the National Speakers Association. Send comments or suggestions