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Brenda Bence

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I would be grateful for any recommendations of good, reasonably priced video editors.

— Sam Silverstein

I’ve been using Shawn Miner (806/681-7565, shawn.miner@gmail.com) to edit my videos for several years now. I put my videos in a shared Dropbox, he edits them and puts them back in the Dropbox or uploads them to YouTube. He does a great job and is VERY reasonable. He has some availability to take new clients at this time.

— Vicki Hess

Goran Andric is a Fiverr.com resource who has done great work for me editing videos at a very reasonable cost with quick turnaround. His “handle” is Agorcreate. He is professional, responsive and does excellent work.

— Joyce Gioia

Tasha Cooney (mindlousellc@gmail.com) and her team can help.

— Tim Richardson

I called the video editor Matt Marotta (865/201-8700, matthewmarotta@hotmail.com) (who I have worked with several times) with a last-minute promo idea for a client video shoot. Within an hour, he met me on location, helped direct the shoot, and had a finished copy for me to review by 9:00 pm the same night. While I am sure he can’t always to do that, every time I have used Matt, he has done great work, finished the project on or before the deadline, and taken great pride and a personal interest making sure the product was high-quality. He is great to work with, has an eye for details, and is a skilled videographer and editor.

— Ruby Newell-Legner

I have worked with Fred Kidder (720/733-6667, fredkidder@msn.com) for the last few years. I’ve found his work impeccable and his integrity as wholesome as they come. He is a downright nice guy and great to work with. He is creative yet takes direction well if you know what you want. He taped and edited my entire 5-module training DVDs and I couldn’t be more pleased. If you are looking for a pro, Fred is your man!

— Mary Anderson

I have three gentlemen I use regularly for editing (audio & DVD) who have worked for several local TV stations — all brilliant, fairly priced and they offer timely service!

  • Richard Risinger, 408/300-8892
  • Scott Brown, 408/499-7486
  • Gil Doyle, 408/840-1685 (especially to add a music score)

— Bonnie Coffey

I found a great (and reasonable) video editor — Steve Maly of Maly Marketing (steve@malymarketing.com). He’s not only meticulous and responsible, but he’s creative and suggests ways to make everything come out well!

— David Newman

I love my video editor, Rob Kates, Kates Media (rob@katesmedia.com, 215/509-7833). He’s worked for several CSP and CPAE speakers, has run very successful “video days” for our NSA chapter, and Rob knows about a dozen ways for speakers to use web video to grow their business (other than the traditional “speaker demo”).

— Eric Chester

Mark Camacho (81mediainternational.com, 303/359-1886) has been recording and editing video for me for more than 30 years. He’s worked with more than 300 top speakers and really knows the speaking and training business. He’s excellent, very affordable, and he works virtually.

— Patrick Haggerty

Greg Miller (lawrencegmiller@gmail.com, 703/999-5770) and I have worked together for years, he is a SUPER video editor and a great shooter too.

— Alex Neuman

I recommend Tony Sano (antonio.sano@gmail.com) as a very experienced and professional video editor. He’s very proficient with both short and long-form video, transitions, background music and motion graphics. Check out some of his work on his YouTube channel.

— Milo Shapiro

I highly recommend Emmy-winning editor James Alburger. I was so pleased with one video that he edited that I hired him for another. Easy to work with, creative, and great results. Rather than search his large website for his video work, go straight to this page.

— Marv Marshall

Brian Vermeier (BV@HoldonLog.com)

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