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Make Money in Your Jammies!

Create a whole new revenue stream
with Non-Airplane Income

Bottom-Line-Focused Consulting with Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

  • Are you ready to make money while you sleep in your own bed?
  • Want help brainstorming products your market wants and will pay well for?
  • Do you know what it takes to produce a steady stream of revenue that doesn't depend on your ability to climb aboard another plane?

Now is the time to discover what few others understand -- how to launch Non-Airplane Income in record time! Learn from a certified speaker and consultant who has already successfully done that for herself and many others.

What's keeping you from creating products and services that allow you to travel less?

  • Need some guidance on what you can create that will sell fastest and with the least amount of effort?
  • Not sure where you should focus first for the biggest payoff?
  • Want to understand the logistics of how to produce and integrate products into your online shopping cart?
  • Lack motivation?
Whatever it is, Rebecca has probably dealt with it herself. Benefit from her 24 years in the speaking/training/consulting business! Take years off your learning curve by tapping into her knowledge and experience with strategies, products and implementation plans that work to give you the highest payoff for your time and money. Tell her what you want to accomplish and let her guide you through how you can best accomplish it, given the budget, time and areas of focus you determine best suit your needs.

"Rebecca Morgan is a walking/talking encyclopedia of information about Non-Airplane Income. She is regarded as the go-to resource for making money in your jammies. If you want to generate more stay-at-home streams of revenue, systemize your operation so it's more efficient and profitable, or launch new product lines, consulting with Rebecca is the quickest way to expedite immediate bottom-line results." -- Sam Horn, President of Quantum Leap Consulting

Rebecca has helped others brainstorm, strategize and refine their efforts in:

  • Developing product easily and profitably -- How to create saleable products from live audio recordings, interviews, teleseminars, video footage; writing special reports, ebooks, booklets and books; publishing these items.
  • Delivering high-profit, low-work teleseminars -- How to set up and conduct teleseminars as positioning tools and income producers.
  • Create guaranteed income from your Non-Airplane Income stream -- How to create products/services which people commit to buy over and over, even before they are produced.
  • Uncovering valuable resources -- Learn the best sources of expertise (beyond her own). Who else can help your specific needs? Who is reliable and does what they promise?
  • Setting up eCommerce -- How to start your shopping cart and support web pages that keep your bank account full with little effort from you.
  • Product fulfillment -- Who can send your products reliably, how much does it cost, what questions should you ask when choosing a supplier.
  • And more -- Chances are, if you are wanting to create more income without getting on an airplane, Rebecca has figured out a way to do it already.

Why should I work with Rebecca?

After 24 years in the speaking/training/consulting business, Rebecca has heard what most successful infopreneurs say about various income producing strategies. In addition to creating her own techniques and processes, she's tried a lot of what they said and adapted it to her style. Rather than trying to figure out what would work for you, use the experience of someone who's learned how to tweak information into practices that work. She'll save you lots of time, money and headaches.

How has Rebecca helped others?

"You really gave me a whack on the side of the head. I'd thought about coaching but couldn't figure out how to get paid for it. I'll work on setting up the program you designed immediately."-- Barbara Morris

  • In a few hours she helped a consulting client create a package that will net $100,000 within a month of launch.
  • She developed a plan for a client which will allow her to increase her product offer by 1,000%.
  • She prevented another from launching an expensive CD product that wouldn't recoup her investment based on her marketing base.
  • She helped another create a plan to sell 3,000 units of a product to a client who wanted to cement her speaking message.
  • She created a strategy for a client to sell 10,000 units of a yet-to-be printed product to one client with a phone call.
  • She helped a new speaker/author create a coaching package to sell to her ezine and audience members equal to her speech fee per person.
  • She repackaged one person's product so she will increase her average sale -- and profit -- by 20%.
  • She co-created a teleseminar series for one client that will not only yield income from the teleseminar and CD, but will increase her speaking/training bookings immediately.
  • She created an immediate, ongoing product/service that the speaker is implementing to cement her presence with her target market and make gobs of money!

How can I find out more about Rebecca's expertise?

Rebecca is the author or co-author of seven books, and a number of audio tapes. Two of her books are best-sellers. She's had articles published by or about her over 500 times. She's appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, National Public Radio, USA Today, and Home Office Computing, among many, many others.

She owns/co-owns 3 companies, has created income streams by joint-venturing with associations, and has helped many others create high-quality, high-value, little-work products that they can sell easily to their existing clients. Extensive information on Rebecca is at her Web site.

How much does this cost?

Not as much as you would think! In fact, she has discounted her fees for a limited time to half of her corporate rates. Engage her now before she comes to her senses and starts charging her normal rates! In one hour, she will come up with ideas that you can implement immediately to make at least 10 times that in the next 60 days -- if you take action!

  • 1-hour consultation (phone or in-person) -- $200
  • Three 60-minute consultations (phone or in-person) -- $495
  • Six 60-minute consultations (phone or in-person) -- $995 (you can use these weekly, semi-weekly, or even monthly)

As your personal consultant, Rebecca will gladly review your product ideas, evaluate your current mock ups for products, watch your saleable video, listen to tapes/CDs, or read your books/ebooks before or after your consultation. Best of all, you don't have to worry about getting advice you aren't ready to act on. She doesn't just tell you what needs to be done -- she can help you do it! As part of your consultation agreement, Rebecca can edit marketing materials, web pages, etc., and/or critique videos. But she won't sacrifice quality by trying to do something she knows others can do better. If necessary, she'll refer you to specialists when specific production, packaging, graphic art, or editing is needed beyond her expertise.

How can I start tapping Rebecca's wealth of knowledge and wisdom?

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