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Publicity leads to more business and more sales. Speakers, authors, experts, and businesses of all kinds will benefit from PR. Call for free consultation, (407) 299-6128.

PR Leads
Dan Janal

PR Leads will put you in touch with reporters from big-name publications and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Newsweek, as well as Redbook and Glamour, who need to quote experts like you.

Famed book publicist Arielle Ford has produced Everything You Should Know About Publishing, Publicity and Building a Platform. This 5-CD and 180-page resource guide is an insider's guide to creating a career as an author and speaker. This program has

  • Foolproof ways to get published
  • Insider secrets to promoting your book
  • How to launch yourself in the media
  • The truth behind building a platform
  • A war chest of tools

For a $50 SNN limited-time discount, go to Everything You Should Know.

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