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Polishing the Crystal Ball:
Forecasting What Will Happen
in the Speaking Business
Five to 20 Years Hence

The Question:

What do you see happening in the speaking business 5, 10, 20 years from now?

Everyone would like to accurately foresee the future of their industry and business. Unfortunately that app hasn’t been invented.

However, there are astute people who watch the speaking, training, and consulting business trends and apply their savvy to make informed predictions. We’ve tapped four of them for their insights that can help you capitalize on these trends and set up your business to ride the front of the wave.

Hear what these leaders in our business see as short- and long-term trends specific to our business.

Our guest experts:

Alan Stevens Alan Stevens, fpsa
Vickie Sullivan Vickie Sullivan
Bob Treadway Bob Treadway
Stephen Tweed Stephen Tweed, CSP

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