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When to Hire Staff

The Question:

When should you hire staff, and how do you measure their effectiveness?

One of the biggest frustrations of speakers, trainers, and consultants is sales and administration. Yet these are critical functions to a successful business. Most don’t want to do these tasks themselves, but are hesitant to hire staff which come with increased financial pressures, plus making the time to train and supervise.

Many business owners think they need to wait until they are making a good living before hiring help. Others see good help as a way to grow their business quickly so it’s worth the investment, even when it seems you can’t afford it.

How do savvy professionals find great help, whether as employees or virtual assistants? What are ways to determine if they have the needed skills before you hire them? What are tips for training them so you can ensure they’re performing tasks to your liking even when you’re away for days or weeks at a time? How do you measure their results?

Four veteran professionals share their philosophies and techniques for hiring staff and measuring their effectiveness.

Our guest experts:

Chris Clarke-Epstein Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP
Eileen McDargh Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE
David Yoho David Yoho, CSP, CPAE
Ruby Newell-Legner Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP

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