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What to Do When a Buyer
Wants to Negotiate Your Fee

The Question:

What do you do when someone wants to negotiate your fee?

No one likes to be asked to lower their fee. It shows the buyer doesn’t think you’re worth what you’re asking. Or they just don’t have the money you request. Or the buyer has learned to ask if you’d take less, even if s/he sees the value and has the money. Their attitude is, “There’s no harm asking.”

No matter the reason, it’s still not a pleasant situation. Most of us stumble a little. And some immediately say yes to whatever is being offered. Or worse, state a new price that is lower than the buyer would have paid.

What do successful speakers, trainers, and consultants do when asked, “Is your fee negotiable?” It varies by the person, so this recording explores different options.

Six veteran professionals share their philosophies and techniques for handling this uncomfortable conversation.

Our guest experts:

Shep Hyken Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE
Lenora Billings Harris Lenora Billings Harris, CSP
Mitch Goozé Mitch Goozé, CSP
Vicki Hitzges Vicki Hitzges
Francis Bologna Francis Bologna, CSP
Sara Hart Sara Hart, PhD

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