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Pre-Speech Prep That Increases
Your Presentation Success
and Future Business

The Question:

How do you work on-site at the event pre-speech, and what are you trying to accomplish?

Savvy presenters know that preparation for a successful speech starts long before you hit the stage. And if you do it right, you can greatly increase the chances you’ll get repeat and spin-off business.

But how? What do successful presenters do that others don’t? What are some of the actions that pay off before, during and after the speech? How do you learn the audience’s true issues? How can you ensure the A/V team will make you look good? What can you do afterwards to get more business?

Five veteran professionals share their philosophies and techniques for getting known and getting paid.

Our guest experts:

Bill Russell Bill Russell
David Lim David Lim, CSP
Debra Fine Debra Fine, CSP
George Walther George Walther, CSP, CPAE
David Zach David Zach

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