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Create a Whole Product Line
from One Key Work

The Program:

It took you a long time to create your key speech or product. Now the idea of spinning that into other products is enticing, but also seems like a lot of work. The concept sounds easy—take what you’ve already created and modify it to build a different item. But it’s not always as easy as it would seem.

If you know you could produce at least one—if not many—new products from a core work, then listen to these recordings from three experts with different slants. You’ll learn how you could be selling different items at various price points to divergent customers.

Stop leaving money on the table!

Gordon Burgett How to Build a Lifetime Empire Out of One Speech
with Gordon Burgett
Paulette Ensign Create an Entire e-Published Product Line from a Single e-Booklet Manuscript
with Paulette Ensign
Dianna Booher How Strategically Published Books Can Promote a More Profitable Career or Business
with Dianna Booher, CSP, CPAE

How to order:

Get all three programs, in MP3 format, plus a link to the recorded webinar videos, for only $34.


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