SpeakerNet News Intensives

Create and Leverage Your Brand
Visually and Powerfully

The Program:

Highly successful businesses have instantly identifiable logos and brand materials. We can tell some brands by just a unique shape or color, even without the brand’s name. We need to make sure our brand’s visuals telegraph our value and quality, even though we don’t have millions in our marketing budget.

There are myriad ways to ensure you have a high-quality look to everything associated with you and your brand, from the photos you use in your slides, website, videos, etc. How do you ensure your materials stand out, rather than look like the same stock images others are using?

It’s not as hard, time-consuming, or expensive as you may think. These three recordings will help you think through your visual branding and give you ideas on how to make yours even more powerful.

John DeMato Craft a Compelling Visual Story with Images Unique to You (webcast)
with John DeMato
Dick Durrance Tell Powerful Stories with Pictures: A National Geographic Photographer Shares Tips for Speakers (webcast)
with Dick Durrance
Brian Croft Make Your Visual Brand Uniquely Memorable (webcast)
with Brian Croft

How to order:

Get all three programs, in MP3 format, plus links to the recorded webcast videos, for only $99.


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