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Creating a Million-Dollar
Speaking/Training/Consulting Business

The Program:

Speakers, trainers, and consultants can scrape by, do okay, or make a killing. The latter is elusive for all but a few who’ve figured out how to create and sustain high income.

Would you like to know what they’ve learned? Their business strategies and tactics? The obstacles they’ve overcome? Do you want to know their critical decisions that have resulted in their business success?

Three super earners tell their secrets to their business success. Each has a different perspective, so hear their ideas and adapt them to your situation.

The following three SNN programs are included, in MP3 format. Click on their titles to see their individual descriptions for more details of each.

Marjorie Brody Building a Million-Dollar Business: Questions and Decisions to Consider
with Marjorie Brody, CSP, CPAE, CMC
Joanne Sujansky Attracting and Retaining Million-Dollar Clients
with Joanne Sujansky, PhD, CSP
Bill Bachrach Beyond the Speech: How to Dramatically Increase Your Clients’ Results and Your Income
with Bill Bachrach, CSP

How to order:

Get all three programs, in MP3 format, for only $34.


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