SpeakerNet News Intensives

Monetize Your Expertise
through Online Products

The Program:

Just how do folks make income from the Internet? Aren’t the only people making revenue the ones telling you how to make money?

No. These three experts will share their best-practice techniques for using online products to supplement their speaking, training, coaching, and consulting businesses. You’ll learn how they’ve successfully blended in-person services to drive business to their online products.

Jeanette Cates Add a Recurring Stream to Your Revenue Mix
with Jeanette Cates, PhD
Tony Alessandra E-Business Strategies for Speakers:
E-Products Equal E-normous Income

with Tony Alessandra, PhD, CSP, CPAE
Sam Silverstein Strategically Blending eCommerce into Your Practice
with Sam Silverstein, CSP

How to order:

Get all three programs, in MP3 format, plus a link to the recorded webinar videos, for only $34.


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