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Profitable Blogging:
How to Blog Effectively & Efficiently
and Generate Sales

Ted DemopoulosGuest Expert:

Ted Demopoulos
(About Ted)

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The Program:

You’ve set up a blog. You may (or may not) be updating it regularly. Yet you know you could use it to bring in more income by promoting your speeches, consulting, training, books and other products. How? Some blogs are infinitely more successful than others. Some bloggers spend little effort yet get great results. If you’re going to blog, you should do it right! Discover how to blog more effectively and efficiently, maximize ROI, make more sales and position yourself as an expert via your blog.

Blogging greatly increased Ted’s website presence overnight, doubled his Internet traffic in a month, and has been instrumental in selling speeches, consulting, and training classes. He learned the hard way and wants to save you headaches and time.

You will learn:

  • How to ensure your blog has the characteristics shared by all successful business blogs
  • What kind of results can you expect from your blog
  • How many readers you need for profitability
  • How to build traffic to your blog
  • Search Engine Optimization for blogs
  • How to write blog posts quickly and efficiently
  • Ins and outs of promoting yourself and your products effectively
  • Special considerations for promoting your book via a blog
  • The pros and cons of running Google AdSense or other advertising in your blog

More about our guest expert:

Ted Demopoulos’ professional background includes over 25 years of experience in information technology and business, including 15 years as an independent consultant. Ted has helped start a successful information security company, was the CTO at a “textbook failure” of a software startup, and has advised several other startups. Ted is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events, coauthor of Blogging for Business, and the principal of Demopoulos Associates. Ted also has an ongoing software concern in Hong Kong, The Arial Group, an Enterprise Risk Management solutions provider.

Web site: www.demop.com
Blog: Blogging for Business

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