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Filling Boot Camps with Happy Campers

Darren LaCroixGuest Expert:

Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS   

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The Program:

Colleagues are filling their weekend boot camps with paying customers — even in a down economy. You want to do it too, but how? How can you offer programs for individuals and not lose your shirt in the process? What are the best practices in promoting and producing these events?

Darren has been offering boot camps (his are called Champ Camps) for 12 years. He shares what he’s learned to make them successful and what to avoid.

You will learn how to:

  • design and execute your marketing campaign to get people to attend
  • give away seats to bring you more revenue
  • joint venture with co-presenters
  • ensure people walk away with high value *and* buy your products
  • get a meeting professional to take care of hotel logistics without paying him/her a dime
  • get eager volunteers to help set up and break down
  • make sure everyone is singing Kumbaya at the end of the camp

More about our guest expert:

Darren LaCroix has been doing his own Humor Boot Camp® since 1998. He’s taught them as far away as Australia (his most profitable yet). He’s joined forces with Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp, Vegas headliner Vinnie Favorito, Judy Carter, and two other World Champions. He’s always learning and believes multiple streams of income make it possible (even if it starts with just a trickle). Darren expanded his boot camp offerings in 2002, started over, and had 3 people show up. He got excited and his last big event, Lady and the Champs, had 150 attendees!


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