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Profiting from Licensing
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Jim HennigGuest Expert:

Jim Hennig, PhD, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

You’ve created and refined highly successful programs. You want to reach more people by licensing your program to companies, earning you money while you kick back and relax or work on new projects. Licensing is a real client-pleaser too, saving them money in the process and allowing them to roll out your concepts to many more people.

But there are so many questions. How do you approach a company or association about this? Does it work best with current or past clients? How do you ensure the quality of the program is kept high? How would you set fees: annual, per-session, per-person? If there’s a per-person fee, how do you audit to make sure you’re getting all that’s coming to you? How do you encourage the organization to keep using the program years after you’re not the one presenting it?

Let the “Master of Licensing,” past NSA president Jim Hennig, PhD, CSP, CPAE, show you how to take your well-proven presentations and multiply the impact and your revenue.

In this session you will learn:

  • If your program can be licensed successfully (licensing is not for everyone)
  • The right time in your career to license your work
  • Which companies are ideal for licensing—and which are not
  • Sure-fire questions to ask in approaching companies
  • The eight possible pricing areas—how and when to use each
  • How much customizing is necessary and how to do it
  • Effective alternatives to training the trainer
  • How to make licensing work in an association
  • What items are essential in a licensing agreement
  • The critical time to get your attorney’s help
  • How to handle copyright issues
  • Negotiating the deal—the do’s and don’ts

More about our guest expert:

Jim Hennig, PhD, CSP, CPAE is known worldwide as a dynamic keynoter, seminar leader, and business consultant, and author. His training materials are available in 52 countries and have been translated into many languages.

Throughout his 30+ years in the speaking and training business, he has experienced hundreds of licensing arrangements, both as a licensor and licensee. He has condensed this vast body of experience and knowledge into a viable system to guide speakers to license their highly polished training programs into new income sources for themselves and more efficient training for their clients.


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