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Profiting from a Pricing Prophet’s Pointers

Mark StivingGuest Expert:

Mark Stiving, PhD
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The Program:

One of the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur is determining pricing. Most wonder if their price is too high, too low, or just right.

Customers ultimately determine if your price is right for the value they perceive. Does this then determine your price? Or is your customer base holding you back from charging more? If one customer has more money to spend, should you charge them more? If one has less, should you take it? Doesn’t that fly in the face of “fee integrity”?

What about value pricing where you have no pre-determined fee? When does this work and when doesn’t it?

Mark is an expert on pricing — he even has a PhD in it! He shares how to think about pricing which will help you determine your fee.

You will learn:

  • How to set initial pricing on new products/services
  • What your pricing has in common with green beans
  • Why winning every deal is a bad sign
  • Why fee integrity isn’t smart
  • When to pursue value pricing
  • Why a surprising philosophy about when to raise your fees will yield more revenue
  • How to employ a 3-tier pricing strategy

More about our guest expert:

Mark Stiving loves pricing. As a child, he wondered why companies always price using 99-cent price endings. “Do companies think we’re stupid?” He had a chance to study this during his doctoral program at U.C. Berkeley and hasn’t looked back since.

Formerly the Director of Pricing for Maxim Integrated, a $2.5 billion semiconductor company, Mark guided their pricing strategies, successfully led massive change management efforts, and coached colleagues on the implementation of Value Based Pricing. His efforts will yield well over $100M in annual profit.

Mark speaks and writes about pricing. He shares his expertise in the highly readable book, Impact Pricing: Your Blueprint to Driving Profits (5 stars on Amazon) as well as his always popular blog, PragmaticPricing.com. One of the few things Mark likes more than working in pricing is ... speaking about pricing. Mark frequently speaks at industry events and teaches one- and two-day pricing courses. His biggest thrill is watching people experience the aha! moments.


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