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“Speaking” Corporate — A Former Executive’s View

Bill RussellGuest Expert:

Bill Russell
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Corporate execs are very savvy — they wouldn’t be at their level if they weren’t. Speakers, trainers, and consultants crave getting in front of them to pitch their services. But many don’t have a clue how to get there, or what to do when they are.

Executives can smell hype and BS. If they’re in your audience, they can quickly pick up inconsistencies in your credentials and stories. They know if you’ve actually done what you’re advising others — or if you’ve merely read books on the topic.

What do you need to be aware of when you are trying to sell or speak to executives? What are surefire ways not to get hired? What can you do if you don’t have the credentials they seek?

Bill has seen what works and what doesn’t. He’s hired speakers and trainers as well as been in the audience for many who bombed. Now, as a speaker and coach, he brings his real-world experience to help his audiences and his fellow speakers.

In this teleseminar you will learn:

  • what executives are looking for when hiring speakers, trainers, and consultants
  • what gets these service providers eliminated from consideration for an engagement
  • what you can do to stand out from others
  • what are turnoffs before, during, and after an engagement that will ensure you won’t get a testimonial or referrals
  • how you can “corporatize” your proposals, sales pitches and presentations

More about our guest expert:

Bill Russell is a former executive director in equities at Goldman Sachs in London and the former managing director and head of European futures for Citigroup. In a financial career that spanned over 25 years and two continents, he has been involved with the hiring of speakers and trainers and has been in the audience to see speakers soar — and others crash and burn.

Bill is a founding member of the PSA UK and a past president of the PSA Southern Africa’s Cape Town chapter. He has seen countless speakers’ showcases over the years and is honest about their chances of success. Bill is an international speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach who brings his real-world experience to help his audiences and his fellow speakers.


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