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Sarah MichelGuest Expert:

Sarah Michel, CSP
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The Program:

You’ve sat through boring speakers who talk *at* you for an hour (or more). You’ve learned it’s a great time to check your email and text with friends. *You* would never be a speaker like that.

But maybe you are and don’t realize it.

You need to integrate the newest research on how to design your presentation to align with how the brain naturally learns. When content is presented in brain-friendly ways, listeners become participants, increase their retention and spread contagious enthusiasm. Telling doesn’t equal learning. Nor does covering content mean content is learned.

Whether you focus on keynoting or training, you need to understand how to best implement the latest brain science to engage your audiences, and increase the chances they’ll remember and act on your ideas. Thinking, doing and participating reign!

In this session, you will:

  • compare and contrast information, education and learning
  • discover how to transition your presentation from expert-centered to a participant-centered model
  • learn brain-friendly strategies to make content stick, based on evidenced-based research
  • discuss effective audience engagement tactics for today’s participant-centered conferences

More about our guest expert:

Sarah is an Experience Architect who has been working in the meetings industry for over 15 years to create dynamic audience experiences. Her vast knowledge of next-generation learning and facilitation skills help design dynamic meetings that guarantee more participation, opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer interactions to assure a return on attendance.

Sarah is Vice President of Professional Connexity for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, helping organizations deliver on the networking promise of face-to-face meetings. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) awarded by the National Speakers Association and a nationally recognized expert on networking and the creator of the NetWORTHing® process.

Sarah has keynoted and facilitated for audiences and organizations around the world on how to be a more effective connector. She’s the author of Perfecting Connecting©, A Guide to Mastering Networking in the Workplace, and coauthor of the e-book Conference Connexity.

Sarah’s Speaking

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