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October 2
How to Hone Your On-Camera Skills
to Close More Sales

Carolyn StraussGuest Expert:

Carolyn Strauss, CSP
(About Carolyn)

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Date: Monday, October 2, 2023
Time:7:00 pm Eastern (6 pm Central, 5 pm Mountain, 4 pm Pacific)
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Length:  60 minutes
Cost: $49

The Program:

You’re good on stage, but how good are you on camera? More and more of our work is on-camera now, whether virtual sales calls, presentations, content for social media, or vod/podcasts. You need to master the art of being compelling on camera. It’s a different skill from in-person.

Even if you’re a guest on someone else’s pod/vodcast or TV show, you can command the “stage” — the camera — to stand out from other guests and make the viewer want what you offer.

Who better to help you master this than someone who made her living for 18 years on the Home Shopping Network? Carolyn sold over $160 million in product during her tenure there. She’ll share what she learned that will help you get more sales.

You will learn:

  • the biggest mistakes speakers make on camera and how to avoid them
  • what it takes to be likable on camera, which will result in more sales
  • what successful on-camera veterans know that will help you come across better
  • how you can ask for the sale without being sales-y

More about our guest expert:

Carolyn Strauss, CSP, believes that great leaders get great by studying and learning from other great leaders. She spent 18 years on the Home Shopping Network with her own multi-million dollar clothing company, the Carolyn Strauss Collection, where she sold over $160 Million in product over 18 years. She co-hosts the People’s Choice nominated podcast “Another Day Above Ground.”

She works with leaders and companies and helps organizations retain, grow, and communicate with intention and purpose. Carolyn is a certified facilitator to the Working Genius Model. She is a certified guide to the Exactly What to Say work. She is a certified Voice Dialogue Facilitator, a member of SAG-AFTRA, and a proud Golden Retriever mom.


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