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Raise Your Voice Value
for Authenticity, Story, and Connection

Hilary BlairGuest Expert:

Hilary Blair, MFA, CSP
(About Hilary)

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The Program:

For speakers, our voice is a critical tool. Without it, we can’t communicate our message from the stage. One of our worst fears is losing our voice before an engagement. It’s important to take care of your voice so you never lose it. But common advice on this is wrong.

Beyond the mechanics of voice care, we need to know how to use subtleties to express ourselves powerfully and authentically. We can add color and depth to our stories and message by utilizing nuances in our voice. When we do, we have more memorable presentations, which leads to referrals and repeat business.

Even if you think you use your voice well, Hilary shares some little-known techniques to ensure you keep your voice healthy, and use it powerfully. She discusses the stages of voice mastery.

You will learn how to:

  • avoid losing your voice — ways to ensure it’s healthy
  • get heard — both volume and message
  • elevate connection, whether in 1:1 conversations, small groups, or large audiences
  • diagnose vocal habits that may be cutting you off from true authentic connection with your audience.

More about our guest expert:

Hilary Blair, MFA, CSP, co-founder ARTiculate: Real&Clear, incorporates her professional voiceover and stage training techniques into her re-framing of executive presence and leadership communication. She sees beyond habits and learned behaviors to what is unique and authentic in groups & individuals. She’s certified in Conversational Intelligence™ (CIQ) and CultureTalk. She holds an MFA in acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and a BA from Yale University.


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